Tammi Flew


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Tammi Flew   |   Female   |   Crossbreed   |  

Rescue Story:

Hiya! My foster mama says I'm a Public Service Announcement. See I was spayed with my first set of puppy vaccines but I'm not protected fully until after my third booster of the puppy series. So guess what? Yup, you betcha, I got very sick with the parvovirus 🙁 I was rushed to the vet where the good people of Zoes took me in. I am named from the drug that helped save my life - Tamiflu.

Date of Birth: approx 6 mos

Energy Level: I have my health back and full of life!

Size (adult): Large, I presently weigh 45 lbs

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I love my buds at doggie daycare.
Good with Cats? Unknown
My mom thinks I will want to play and chase them sooo ... no cats please.
Good with Kids? Yes
Kids over 10 years old because I'm a puppy learning my manners.

Critter Twitter:

Oh what a great life! I feel great now, eating great food and have a warm home to cuddle up in. What more could I ask for? Wellllll .. maybe some squeaky toys and some balls I can throw in the air.

About my Behaviour:

I'm learning about house training - I am still getting use to the indoor life and using a dog door.

I like my crate and can even stay in an oversized crate without an accident while my two-leggeds go to work for 6 hours. My crate is a safe, secure place to call my own, and what pup wouldn't want that? I know I do!

As a condition of adoption, we need to take some manners classes! Yay!!! Check out www.albertaforcefreealliance.com for some great trainers that Zoe's recommends! This will be a perfect opportunity for us to bond, have some fun, and learn so much! Socializing in a safe environment is so important for pups like me, and these classes will help me to be the best dog I can be.

How’s my Health?

Besides being beautiful! I am spayed, up to date with my vaccines, micro-chipped and dewormed.

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