4 Small Things That Make a BIG Difference!

Many people ask, “how can I help out at Zoe’s? I’m very busy and I just can’t fit in fostering or adopting at this time.”  These people, like a lot of animal-lovers, want to make a difference without committing themselves as a “full-time” volunteer. Well there’s good news! Helping Zoe’s relies on an incredible amount of help from all different people, in various amounts and ways. If you would like to know some of those ways, read on…

1. Share our posts

Sharing Zoe’s posts helps more people on Facebook find out about what we do, which in turn encourages them to spread the word! Invite your friends to participate in our fundraisers, attend our events or even come help volunteer at a particular event. Sometimes we post articles about behavioral problems, interviews with specialists, etc. and those can be very informative to others. Plus, if you share an animal bio, there’s a good chance that someone on your friends list is the perfect match for that one furry rescue.

2. Fund-raise

Fundraising is a temporary commitment, with a long-term benefit. Without fundraising, our animals would not be able to have everything they need. Fundraising can come in a ton of different forms. Have a special skill? You could always donate some of your commission! Collect bottles, make crafts or baked goods, hold a garage sale, or host a party… you’d be surprised how easy it is to organize something, because most people are excited to get involved when it comes to animals. Be as creative as you’d like!  You can also donate old toys, blankets, beds, and other supplies.

3. Volunteer for an Event

We completely understand if people can’t commit to volunteering on a regular basis, but hey, have nothing to do on a Saturday? Come out and help dig some compost while getting some sunshine! (May 9th, hint-hint); volunteer to take some bottles in, or attend an Adoption event just for support.  By the way, buying chocolate or baked goods to fulfill your sweet tooth while helping Zoe’s at the same time DOES count as volunteering!


One of our younger Volunteers

4. Socialize

And here’s most people’s favorite one… Socializing! Most of us know that animals are social creatures, and in order to be good family members they will need to be socialized, especially as babies. So feel free to contact one of the Zoe’s team members to see if you can head over for a cuddle sesh with the puppies, and while you’re there, an extra pair of hands is always truly appreciated. Or go check on one of the fosters that is waiting for adoption in the public, they could always use some reassurance and love, and a simple check-in is part of why we’re an accountable and responsible rescue in the first place.

The good thing about the Zoe’s Family is that we are just that – a family! Meaning if you’re a like-minded person, we will take you under our wing without demanding a huge commitment. We are always looking for people to help with the website and the online store, and driving animals to appointments, puppy-sitting, home checks etc., and we are pretty good at coordinating the jobs respectfully amongst one another. So don’t be shy… Zoe’s would not be possible without the caring hands of animal-lovers, just like you!

By Julie Kraus