Warm Whiskers Program

Some cats are just not suited for life as indoor companion animals. We work with a lot of feral cat colonies and overrun barns where the cats would be extremely terrified in a home. We also get requests to take in cats with extreme aggression and severe litter box issues where the owner threatens euthanasia. In these cases, we work to place the cat on a property with access to food, water, and a safe, heated barn or shed (vetting must be provided if required). These cats tend to be semi feral or even feral cats/older kittens and tend to be skittish around people. These are not cats who can be indoor/outdoor as they are not really friendly but generally they are no risk to the people who care for them (even kids as they tend to just run away). Warm Whiskers cats have an adoption fee of $25 for a fully vetted cat.

If you have a suitable outdoor area for a cat, apply today!

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