Each rescued animal has costs associated with intake and costs of living on a monthly basis. When you sponsor one of our rescued animals you are freeing up precious financial resources our organization needs to save one more cat or dog! We also have some in care who are forever fosters due to their medical needs and will be with us for the rest of their lives.

How Sponsorship Works

• You pledge a monthly amount that takes care of the animal’s basic needs while it is in foster care.
• Below you will find options for a monthly payment sponsorship. If you’d rather give a one-time donation, visit our donate page for options.
• We have charity status so we can provide you with a charitable receipt for taxes.

You can pledge any monthly amount here.

Below you will find rescued animals in our care that are in need of sponsorship. These animals are just a few in our care that has health issues such as mange, parvovirus, or neurological issues.