Why Foster?


One of the most common questions fosters get is, “How can you give them up? Isn’t it sad?” Many people say that they couldn’t foster because they’d get too attached – they’re just too emotional. Well, let me tell you a secret: the women and men in animal rescue are some of the biggest softies you’ll ever meet. So why do we do it?

It’s not as sad as you think.
Don’t imagine how you’d feel if you had to give up your existing dog or cat. That’s usually not what it’s like, because when you bring a foster animal into your home, you know you from the start that you’re just helping it through a rough spot. Of course, it’s sad when your foster leaves, but surprisingly, it’s also a happy event. Recall the first time you laid eyes on your pet. How excited you were when you decided that it was ‘the one.’ That is the AMAZING experience that you get to be a part of when you foster. When you see adopters cooing over your foster, taking terrible photos with their phones, and planning their future lives with the animal, how can you be only sad? You can’t. We can tell you from experience that the excitement and joy is infectious.

It’s rewarding.
Animals have an incredible capacity to change and heal, and being the point of contact – the one who turns a malnourished pup into a normal bouncy and healthy one, or who helps a fearful cat learn to love human affection – is a rewarding experience. Fostering allows you to make a visible, measurable difference in the life of an animal.

It’s cheap!
Zoe’s pays for all of your expenses. Free love and affection? Yes please! Fostering is a great opportunity for people who want to have a puppy or kitten, but not pay for it or make a long term commitment.

It’s inclusive.
Zoe’s is a community. We help each other out, whether it’s transporting supplies, trading training tips, caring for animals, or just being there for emotional support.

Think you might want to foster? Then apply today!