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If you have any questions or comment you can either use to this form or our email address.

Here is some answers to common questions;

  • We do NOT contact all adoption applications. You will only be contacted if your application is chosen for a meet and greet.
  • You can forward your adoption application to be used towards other animals in care. Just ensure when you forward it that you tell us which animal(s) you are interested in.
  • If you have found a stray and are in Edmonton you MUST take the animal to Animal Care and Control Centre (13550 163 St NW). It is illegal to re-home strays or even keep them in Edmonton unless first bringing them to ACCC. We can not accept any requests to take in stray cats/kittens.
  • All our animals are in foster homes. The only way to view them is to fill out an adoption application and have it be chosen for a meet and greet. Only one application per animal is chosen and, due to being volunteer run, generally only that one applicant is contacted. There is no pressure in adopting the animal if you or the foster decide they aren’t the right fit for that animal.
  • We do not adopt out animals as gifts. If you wish to go that route the best thing you can do is make a cute gift certificate towards the adoption fee of an animal or make a gift basket filled with all the items needed.
  • We can help with vetting but it is dependent on what funds we have available and do require some payment, sometimes monthly payments depending on the cost. Do check out Petcard, Care credit, and Scratchpaw to see if you would be accepted for a monthly payment plan for the vet bill.

For intake requests please email with photos, age, if fixed, vaccinated, good with dogs, cats, kids and other important info such as behavioral issues. Our cat and older kitten intakes ARE CLOSED, please contact other rescues to see if they can help, send pics and bios. We are completely full and overwhelmed with felines. If you need tips on behavioral issues please email us and we will be happy to help.

If you are interested in:

  • Booking a spay/neuter for your pets. We can offer at least rescue rates which will be a discount at our partner vets.
  • Helping Hand for veterinary care
  • Cat issues – feral and stray
  • Registering for our community feeding program
  • Media requests

Please leave your full name, contact info and a detailed message via email at, use the contact form or via Facebook


Mailing Address –

P.O Box 64231 Sherwood Park PO,
Sherwood Park, AB
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