How Fostering Works


So you’ve thought about fostering, and now want the details. Here are the steps Zoe’s takes to make sure that the fostering experience is good for you, the animal, and the rescue.

1. Apply online
Zoe’s has an online application form, which we use to assess the kind of environment you can provide for an animal. This is for everyone’s benefit; no one wants to place a vocal dog in an apartment, or a fearful cat in a loud, active home.

2. Home check
Once your application has been processed, a Zoe’s team member will contact you to arrange a home check. This is to make sure that your home will work for one of our animals, and to help dog- or cat-proof your home.

3. Foster
Once you’ve been officially approved as a Zoe’s foster, we will place an animal with you. You are free to decline any foster animal that you think will not fit with your home. Once you have your foster at home, you can get support through our Facebook community (which includes trainers and other fosters), as well as our program coordinators. We try to place animals in the right type of foster placement but it’s not always a guarantee. Medical and behavioural issues can happen and we do our best to help rectify them.

4. Updates and advertising
Fosters are responsible for giving updates on their animals’ progress, arranging to have photos taken (either at a studio or in your home), and arranging for them to attend events. All of these things will help your foster to find their forever home. Because we don’t have a physical shelter, we rely on our website and social media to advertise our animals, and the more information we can give, the better!

5. Meet ‘n’ greet
Once a potential adopter has been screened, they will be given the opportunity to meet with the animal.

6. Adoption
Ah, that sad yet rewarding time! Once all of the paperwork has gone through, your foster goes on to its new life.