Best friends 4 Life!

chichol1There are many reasons why it’s a great idea to adopt a bonded pair or get two kittens instead of one. But here are just some of the reasons:
-A bonded pair you know will get along, you won’t have to do introductions later on if you wanted two anyway. Not all dogs/cats will become instant friends or friends at all. With a bonded pair you know they are compatible.
-Separation anxiety is quite common, especially with animals who are used to having other pets around. So unless you are home often, having a buddy can help prevent the destruction and phone calls about barking dogs.
-Dogs and cats are social creatures, many will not do good as a single pet. This is also true for kittens who can become very lonely and even scared on their own.
-Kittens will learn from each other, not only to use the litter box but also bite inhibition and how to play nice.
-Kittens will have each other to play which greatly lessens the chance of play aggression especially towards adult cats who are not playful.
-Bonded pair of dogs will help tire each other out so less walks/play time needed.
-You save two lives instead of one!
-The cost isn’t that much more to get two! Even for extra food, toys, litter boxes, scratching post. The adoption fee for bonded pairs is $300 for dogs (yes that’s right folks, dogs are two for the price of one!), $200 for cats and $250 for kittens! This, of course, includes the spay/neuter, up to 2nd set of shots, microchip and deworm!
-Twice the fun, love and cuddles!

Now that you are thinking about adopting a bonded pair, we will let you know we have many bonded pairs:

for dogs we have:
Chi Chi and Cholo
Sam and Samantha
Vincent Vega and Cory Flower

for cats we have:
George Weasley and Miss Blue
Leonardo Dicatrio and Don Drapurr
Hopper and Petrie

We do have many kittens in care and always highly recommend adopting a pair if you don’t have another young adult cat who is playful. Kittens are used to being around another feline so separation anxiety is extremely common for them.