Education & Pet Care Tips

This page offers education and resources about adopting a dog or a cat, rehoming a pet, animal ownership in general, and more. While we do know a thing or two about animals, it’s always best to check with your vet or a qualified trainer if you are encountering health or other serious issues.

Saying a Good Goodbye: Practical Strategies to Help Families Through Foster Care Transitions
One reason many families are hesitant to try fostering is because they are worried the process of letting good. Here are some strategies that can help with the grief of goodbye when your foster pet has moved on to their forever home.

A New Adoption, What to Expect in the First Month
The first month is typically the hardest on both the new pet and the family. This post talks about some of the behaviours you can expect from your new pet, how to handle them and how to set up you pet and your family for success.

Home-made Environmental Enrichment for the Indoor Kitty
Calling all DIYers!! This post is packed with brilliant but easy ways you can enrich your environment and keep you cat engaged, stimulated and happy.

Where do I Turn Now? Some of the TOP reasons we have to rehome our pets
There are a few major reasons that people give away their pets and a few major changes we can make to try to help avoid the inevitable. This post gives some reasons to turn to when you’re thinking of rehoming a pet.

Correcting Common Litter Box Issues
Some tips to “think like a cat” and provide the optimum litter box situation for your cat. This post includes common issues that arise and how to correct them as well as tips for cleaning up when accidents happen.

Feline Friends: Introducing a New Cat
Getting a new kitty friend for your resident cat is often a great idea, however, the two cats can’t just be thrown together in hopes it works out. This blog post includes some steps to ensure it’s a positive experience for both animals.

Rehoming Your Pet
We are often asked for advice on rehoming pets, and in most of these situations, we recommend that the owner becomes the rescue. This blog post highlights our recommended strategies to ensure a successful adoption.

Lost Pet Resouces for Edmonton
This post has a list of the resources available for owners who have lost their pets in the Edmonton area.

10 Ways to Beat Pet Allergies
If you’re one of the many people who suffers from pet allergies but are committed to keeping your pets, this blog post is for you.

Cost Comparision: “Free” Pets vs Rescue Pets
Adopting doesn’t just give you a warm fuzzy feeling; it also helps you keep those dollar bills in your wallet. This blog post compares costs between free pets and our adoptable ones, and as a bonus, provides supply checklists for soon-to-be dog and cat owners.

Cat scratching the couch? Alternatives to declawing
Declawing is potentially harmful and is not a practice that Zoe’s supports. Fortunately, there are alternatives to declawing to help you keep your furniture and sanity. This blog lists a few of them.

Winter pet safety
Edmonton winters can be dangerous! Here are some tips to keep your pet safe and happy during the colder months.

Cold weather: animals in distress
What to do (and who to call!) if you find an animal out in the cold.

Are you buying from a puppy/kitten mill?
How do you spot puppy/kittens mills? Find out in this blog!

Edmonton ACCC FAQ #1
Want to know more about the ACC? Find out some faqs here.

Don’t freak out!
Tips to prevent separation anxiety, a common problem with dogs and puppies.

To roam or not to roam
Reasons to not let your cats roam and tips to help you keep them indoor or secure in the backyard.

Lost & Found
What to do if you lost your pet or found a stray.

Your library Resource  
A list of some great books to own if you are an owner of dogs and cats. From training books to books on behavior, these books can help with any issue.