Oreo Milkshake

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Oreo Milkshake   |   Male   |   Tuxedo Fursolo (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

I was adopted out but returned as I was too much for my adopter. I was super stressed due to multiple moves and the loss of a family member, and that stress made me a bit angry. That on top of dealing with some pain from my old leg injury. With medication, it has helped me chill and be happier, so now I am ready for adoption! Yay!

Date of Birth: Sep 2018

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Jumbo! **BONUS** Oreo is polydactyl, meaning many toes! (5 on each foot)

Adoption Fee: *Sponsored*

Good with Dogs? No
I must be the only pet for life.
Good with Cats? No
I must be the only pet for life.
Good with Kids? No
No kids please, adults only.

Critter Twitter:

I am a very big boy but very agile for my size and sometimes things do get broken. I do love to climb, especially if its to see out a window or to birdwatch. I also love to zoom up and down steps and find it particularly fun if someone chases me. Wand or laser toys are fun too and I love my puff balls! Recently, I discovered that my tail was a good source of entertainment so I chase it periodically when I'm bored. But my most favourite thing is when my foster mom puts my harness on and connects me to a leash outdoors so that I can watch all the sights and sounds! She is constantly hovering around to make sure I don't get tangled or worse, break away. So if my new human has a catio, I would be ecstatic! #jumbokitty #outdoorlover #runrunrun

About my Behaviour:

I am very friendly and enjoy greeting visitors at the door and also the perfect lap cat who likes to stretch out on my foster mom's legs when she is relaxing. I also like to come up and give really intense hugs, cuddles and headbutts when we are snuggling together. I do have some quirks that make me temporarily aggravated when I am in an overly stimulated mode. However, once we get to know each other, you will understand my body language and we will be okay!

My foster mom says that I am very good at respecting her furniture and faithfully use my scratching post, which apparently is a big deal in the human world. SHEESH!

I require a calm, quiet home with someone who has a good understanding of cat behaviour and is financially able to supply me with my special lifetime dietary needs.

How’s my Health?

I am currently taking gabapentin mixed into my food (1/2 a capsule/day, but dose can be increased if stressful changes are anticipated or if there is an increase in negative behaviour). I must continue my medication for life. Being on the medication has helped calmed me down and make me a much happier cat. My aggression is most likely due to a neurological issue and as long as I get my medication I am 100% all love bug.

I eat Purina Pro Plan Urinary wet food (which is shockingly very affordable) to make sure I don’t get urinary crystals and I must be fed THREE times per day. It's easy morning, after work and before bed. You can even use a timed feeder if you are away. Zoe's will provide a bunch of food and a month's worth of medication along with continue to offer rescue rates at partner vet for my medication and vetting for life!

I am neutered, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed. I am a polydactyl which means I have many toes.

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