Lost & Found

What to do if you lost or found an animal.


If you lost your pet:
For cat’s put out there uncleaned litter box on the front doorstep.
-If your cat is fixed and is an indoor only cat, unless frightened off they will stay nearby. Check your neighbor’s yards, under decks/porches and bushes.
-Put up posters all around the area, and nearby vet clinics.
-Talk with your neighbors.
-Post on pet lynx/Kijiji/facebook lost pets pages.
-Contact various rescues to see if they recently got a stray like that.
-Keep checking Kijiji and check your local humane society/ACCC.
-If you are offering a reward, if someone contacts you saying to pay up or your pet will die it is a SCAM, and sadly a very common one. They do not have your animal, they just want the money. Unless you see the animal in person and confirm it yourself, do not give them money.

If you found an animal:
-Please, please bring them to the ACCC. It is the best place for them to find their home who is looking for them. Not everyone has the internet to check sites like this but can easily go into the ACCC to find them. It is right next to the EHS. Please understand that the animal with not be euthanized unless there is a severe medical or severe behavioral issue that would make the animal too dangerous to be adopted out. If no one claims them most of the time, once they go to the EHS, they will find different placements for them in rescues or in barn homes if they are not doing well at the EHS or have behavioral/medical issues that can be managed easier in a foster type setting or barn home.
-By law, you are not allowed to keep a stray, or give them away. You can bring them to the ACCC and ask to be put under special consideration if no one comes claims the animal you can adopt them once the mandatory time at the ACCC is over.
-You can get them checked at the vet for a microchip and can even leave them there as many times the vet staff will bring them to the ACCC.
-You can post up found posters and ads on kijiji/pet lynx/various lost and found fb pages as well even to just put that this animal is at the ACCC.
-Do not judge. Indoor-only pets generally have no idea how to take care of themselves on their own, usually, they are dirty, even matted, some can even have mange as well and can be extremely skinny.

How to prevent losing your pet:
-Fix your pets. It is so important. It is by far the number one reason why animals get lost, even if they are indoor only they will try to escape. Contact various vets for pricing, as well the EHS has the PALS program for low-income households.
-Get your pets microchipped, even if they are indoor only. It is the best way to get your pet back. Don’t forget to keep the info up to date.
-Know when thunderstorms and fireworks are going to happen. Pets, especially dogs, can get very frightened and will escape the yard. Keep them inside, in a covered crate/kennel with a radio going on, preferably in a place that has no windows. Do not take your dogs out to see fireworks unless you are 100% certain they will not escape.
-Dogs for the first week or even month have the highest chance of trying to escape during a walk. You can do umbilical training (leash tied around your waist) so they get used to you. You can burn off energy by playing in the backyard/house and training. Find no slip leashes/harnesses and if need be use a double leash technique, this way if your dog slips one leash you do have a backup leash to keep control over your dog.
-Cat fencing, cat enclosure, and even a harness can help your kitty stay put. A harness lets your kitty explore while not escaping. It’s not safe to let your cat roam but they can still enjoy life outside in a secure yard with cat fencing, cat enclosure or on a harness.
-Get locks put on your fence. This will prevent anyone from opening the gate to either steal them or to let them out.

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