Cole Vivi – Forever Foster

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Cole Vivi – Forever Foster   |   Male   |   Bonded Boys (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

My BFF and I came from a hoarder's house. When our owner was evicted we were just tossed out onto the street. Zoe's trapped us and we were adopted out but unfortunately, it was not the best environment for our needs.

Date of Birth: November 2019 (est)

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee: Sponsored for my brother and I.

Good with Dogs? Unknown
Probably only with very calm dogs with zero prey drive, if any.
Good with Cats? Bonded Pair
I must be adopted with Simon. We love each other. It's best we are only cats.
Good with Kids? Unknown
Much older, very calm, cat savvy kids if any.

Critter Twitter:

*update* My brother and I are now forever fosters! Meaning we get to stay in our awesome foster home forever. If you'd like to sponsor our care while in care that would be wonderful. We are so happy we don't have to move to a scary new place and can be loved by our foster mom forever.

I am one handsome boy who is shy but once settled in I am quite curious. I do enjoy playing especially with my brother and wand toys. I am not a lap cat, but I do enjoy being nearby and I will ask for pets. #shybutsweet

About my Behaviour:

I must be adopted with Simon as I help him with his confidence. We require a very calm, stable home where people just want to rescue two cats in need without wanting much in return. Maybe in time, we will pay you back with being lap cats, maybe not. We just want a home where we can be loved in whatever fashion we want. It will take my brother from another mother and me a few months even years to really settle in. We may need to be indoor/outdoor cats to help us really thrive if that is what we prefer. Really we just need a home that will love us for us and be ok with however long it takes us to settle in. We will probably stay in the sanctuary room for a few weeks before venturing out a bit.

No sudden movements please, too scary.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted. I should be fed scheduled meals only 3 times a day to help strengthen our bond. My brother and I request 2-3 litter boxes that are cleaned twice a day, please. I am taking medication to help with my anixety that caused me to pee outside the litter box. It has been helping!

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