60 Ways to Save a Life

Okay, friends! Jump in wherever and whenever you’d like! (Pssst! Volunteer for another rescue? Feel free to modify this list to suit your needs and share it with your supporters. #ittakesavillage)

It takes a community to help animals in need. In our winter city, there are months of the year that become more desperate than others. We have seen, first hand, the impact that one individual can make, the impact a group of people can make, and that can be made collectively as we network with other rescues. It is truly amazing! We want to invite you to join us—in ways big and small—to make a difference.

Even if you only have 30 seconds to spare, you can save an animal’s life and have a little fun with us while doing so! Some of the items will require a measure of creativity to figure out how to capture what you’re doing to share it with us, but we are excited to see what you come up with (screen shots of online tasks are totally cool)!

Off the top of our heads, and in no particular order, here are 60 ways that you can jump in, join rescue, and help to save a life! Let’s do this: 60 WAYS TO SAVE A LIFE!


1. Foster!

Open your home to a cat or dog in need—once a year, twice a year, all the time… whatever works for you! Fostering is FREE. Fostering is temporary. The rescue covers food, medical expenses…etc. and you get all the love. Fostering with a local rescue is one of the ways you can make a capital H. U. G. E. impact. This winter, join us and bring an animal in out of the cold! Full details here: http://www.zoesanimalrescue.org/foster/ Don’t forget to hashtag pictures of your foster furbabies with #60waystosavealife and tag us so that we can see them!


2. Donate your profile picture for a day!

Once a week, say every Saturday (so you can write a cute caption like “Happy Caturday”), change your profile picture to one of our adoptable cats. Bonus points if you include the link to the cat’s profile on our website. Find our adoptable felines here: http://www.zoesanimalrescue.org/adopt/adoptable-cats/ #60waystosavealife

3. Adopt

To make an impact in the long term, we aim to spread the message that it’s important to adopt and not shop! There are so many deserving animals waiting for furever homes. Check local rescues and you will find the purrrrfect fit for your home and lifestyle… we are paaawsitive! Check out some of our current adoptables here: http://www.zoesanimalrescue.org/adopt/ Don’t forget to hashtag pictures of your adopted pet with #60waystosavealife and tag us so that we can see them!


Spread key rescue messages like “spay and neuter pets” and “adopt don’t shop” and capture the moment while doing so! #60waystosavealife

5. Donate

As a charity that is 100% volunteer run, rescues are always in need of funds to allow for their life-saving work. Did you know that ATBcares kicks in an extra 15% when you donate to Zoe’s through them? There are many ways to donate listed on our website: http://www.zoesanimalrescue.org/donate/ Don’t forget to snap a picture of your stack of coins, the $20.00 from your returned bottles, or take a screen shot of your online donation. We want to virtually high-five you! #60waystosavealife

6. Support rescues virtually

Most rescues rely on their online supporters to share their adoptable animals and help them to raise funds. Share posts. Share posts. Share posts. #sharingiscaring #60waystosavealife

7. Follow us on Facebook

As mentioned above, sharing is caring, but following us can help to inform people about the work that rescues do. Spreading awareness about the issues we deal with on a day-to-day basis can help to solve some of these problems. Visibility matters! We invite you to follow us here and if you already do, we’d love if you invite your friends to as well: www.facebook.com/zoesanimalrescue #60waystosavealife

8. Share your photography skills

Hey, do you like taking pictures? We welcome photographers—hobbyists and professionals—to help us take pictures of our cats, dogs, kittens and puppies. Eye-catching photos are really important since our rescue is run out of foster homes and not a shelter. People cannot come and visit our animals. Instead, they look through animals’ profiles online and then we arrange meet and greets after they’ve applied to adopt. Great photos are key! #60waystosavealife

9. Follow us on Twitter

We will fill your feed with cute animal pictures! If you re-tweet a rescue’s tweet about an adoptable animal, you help them reach a wider audience. An open spot in a foster home means a rescue can take in another animal in need. You can follow us here: https://twitter.com/FurRSQ Don’t be shy, tweet hello and include the hashtag #60waystosavealife.

We are working on a creating a twitter list of other local rescues, too! You can find that list here: https://twitter.com/FurRSQ/lists/local-rescues

10. Follow us on Instagram

See above! If you re-gram a rescue’s post, you help that animal reach a wider audience. An adoption means an open spot in a foster home. An open spot in a foster home means a rescue can take in another animal in need. You can follow us here: https://instagram.com/zoesanimalrescue/. Comment on one of our posts with #60waystosavealife, so we can follow you back!

11. Celebrate your birthday by giving back!

We are always so thrilled when we discover that someone has asked for donations to our rescue in lieu of gifts. Consider asking your friends to bring puppy pee pads or containers of litter instead of gifts this year—these are items that are always in need, plus you can make potty humour jokes all night! Snap some pictures of the party and tag us so we can see! #60waystosavealife

12. Order a portrait of your pet!

Two of our youngest volunteers make a big difference! Jade (9) and Asha (8) are our portrait artists! Send them a picture of your beloved pet, and they will draw a portrait. 100% of their proceeds go to help pay the bills of animals that come in with parvovirus. For full details, please visit their Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/petportraitsforparvo. #60waystosavealife

13. Pin our posts!

If you are on our website, you will find a handy Pinterest button at the bottom of all of our pages. This allows you to easily share our posts with your Pinterest network. Again, sharing a post can help an animal reach a wider audience. An open spot in a foster home means a rescue can take in another animal in need. #60waystosavealife

14. Organize a mini-bottle drive

We don’t need you to spend a month organizing a big bottle drive (though, we would love if you did), but instead just let your friends and neighbours know that you will collect their bottles each month and return them to donate the money to a rescue. This money can go a long way! Tell them to toss the bags in your yard. Keep it simple to make it manageable. And take pictures of those empties so that we can see your efforts! #60waystosavealife

15. Search your garage for a treasure or two!

Have a piece of furniture, some old records, a tool or two hanging around that you don’t use? Free up the space! List the item on kijiji or even just post it to your Facebook page and let people know that the funds will go directly to a rescue. Don’t forget to tag us! #60waystosavealife

16. Bake this holiday season

Are you known for your shortbread? Gingerbread? Christmas pudding? Tell your friends and officemates that you’ll do some of their holiday baking this year to raise money for a rescue. Mmm, cookies! #60waystosavealife #nomnom

17. Free your inner nerd!

Join Zoe’s web team! You can stay at home in your pajamas—don’t worry! We need bloggers, videographers, graphic designers, web designers, biography writers. Swing by our website to see the opportunities (if you are willing, we can always find a way to use your skills): www.zoesanimalrescue.org/volunteer/opportunities #60waystosavealife #achievementunlocked

18. Wrap gifts for a fee!

Are you really great at wrapping? Do your presents always look the best? Well, offer to wrap your friends holiday gifts for a fee. Donate that raised money to a rescue and really get into the spirit of the season. People are so busy in December that many would likely take you up on your offer! And when the time comes, let’s see pictures of those pretty presents! #60waystosavealife

19. Scour Kijiji and Buy/Sell sites

We can always use gently used (and cleaned) cat towers, crates, dog igloos, x-pens, laundered towels—if you can find some for free to give to the rescue we’d L. O. V. E. you forever. Not having to buy these items frees up funds to pay vet bills (which are ever-growing). Let’s see your awesome finds! Tag us and don’t forget the hashtag #60waystosavealife.

20. Spend a weekend at a spay and neuter clinic!

This is a really important one! You’ll get so many #60waystosavealife points (aka admiration from us). You may have heard of the Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force (ASNTF) before as many volunteers from various rescues try to get out and help. ASNTF is a registered charity that provides “proactive, community based pet wellness clinics for communities that are experiencing pet overpopulation issues in order to assist with their approach to improve the health and well being of the dogs and cats in the community and to reduce human health issues that have resulted from pet overpopulation. Many communities do not have the resources that we have in our cities to assist with the care of their animals.”

If you have a weekend to spare, volunteer! Details here: http://abtaskforce.dreamhosters.com/volunteers/for-general-volunteers/


21. “Like” Alberta Spay Neuter Task Force

Check out this important organization on Facebook and share their page with your friends! You can find them here: https://www.facebook.com/ASNTF. Take a screen shot and tag us so that we can virtually high-five you! #60waystosavealife

22. Rake it! Rake it!

Offer to rake up those leaves for a small donation to the rescue. Be honest… you’re already planning the picture where you toss the leaves up into the air! #60waystosavealife

23. Clean your bathroom!

After your bathroom is sparkling clean, you may notice that your towels are looking a little faded or worn. Wash them and donate them to a local rescue. Mama cats and kittens would love to use these towels to keep warm and snuggly. #60waystosavealife

24. Clean your car!

Now that your car is clean, let us mess it up! Hehe… Cruise around the city for our cause. We welcome volunteers to help transport pets! We often need pets picked up from their foster homes to be taken to the vet, picked up from the vet, etc. Sometimes we just need supplies taken from one house to another. Volunteer for transport here: http://www.zoesanimalrescue.org/volunteer/. Let’s see some pictures of the rescue critters you’re cruising around with! #60waystosavealife

25. Walk 

Yep, it is that easy. Download the free app. ResQwalk, select your favourite registered rescue, and get walking! We are listed there! Full details here: http://www.resqwalk.com. #60waystosavealife


26. Find lost pets!

A lost pet can end up at animal control and if unclaimed a shelter or rescue. Ultimately, this lost pet, likely missing its loving home, is also taking up a spot for a stray/homeless animal. It’s a lose-lose situation. If you lose a pet, or want to help someone find a lost pet, there are a number or resources available in the Edmonton area. We’ve listed them here: http://www.zoesanimalrescue.org/lost-pet-resources-edmonton/. Please share this list! #60waystosavealife

27. Order a rescue t-shirt

Many rescues offer t-shirts and hoodies at various times throughout the year to both raise funds and to help them advertise. Next time your favourite rescue is doing a clothing fundraiser, purchase a piece of clothing to help out. We think our little pink Zoe’s heart logo looks super cute, too! Let’s see a picture of your in your rescue wear! #60waystosavealife

28. Donate unwanted/unneeded gifts

Did you just get three crock-pots for your wedding? Were you gifted a nice lamp that does not quite match your décor? Well, we love new items to use for our silent auctions. If you ever have a new item that you’d like to donate, please email us at [email protected]. If you’d like to raise funds for the item immediately, consider selling on a buy/sell site and donating the funds that way. Let’s see those items! #60waystosavealife

29. Support organizations that support rescues!

There are many organizations that make rescue possible and support animals in need. Did you know that Edmonton has a pet food bank? Have you heard of Berkley’s Place or A Pet’s Pantry? All of these organizations—and many others—make a HUGE impact. If you have food or pet items to donate, they will get distributed appropriately from there. #60waystosavealife

 Alberta Helping Animals Society – Pet Food Bank

Berkley’s Place

A Pet’s Pantry

Supporters of Alberta Animal Rescues – SOAAR

30. Sew

Extra fabric pilling up? Put it to good use by sewing for a rescue! Sew pet beds, “Adopt me” bandanas, fleecy blankets for kittens… Don’t forget to post pictures of your creations and include the hashtags. #60waystosavealife

31. Have a garage sale!

Next time you have a garage sale, consider asking family, friends and co-workers to donate items to sell at a “rescue table” in your garage. That way, you will not only make money at your garage sale by selling your own things, but you can also help raise funds (and awareness) for a rescue by selling donated items. And pssst: Zoe’s aim to host one garage sale each summer with 100% of the proceeds going to the rescue. We put out a call for items in the late spring/early summer so keep an eye out for that. #60waystosavealife

32. Eat cupcakes!

Visit our friends at Bliss Baked Goods bakery on 10710 142 Street (just off the traffic circle) and treat yourself to a vegan cupcake or doughnut. While you’re there, toss your spare change in to the Zoe’s collection can on their counter. #60waystosavealife

33. Visit our cats at partner stores and take a few pics!

Did you know that we partner with some great pet stores like Pet Valu and Tail Blazers were some of our cats stay until their adopters spot them and apply to be a furever home? If you see our cats at stores while you are out and about, please give them a snuggle and take a few pics to share on your social media to help them find homes! Don’t forget to tag us and include the hashtag #60waystosavealife.


34. Fall in love with public transportation <3

Imagine if, for one month, or one week, you took the bus each day to work instead of your car? Not only would you reduce impacts on the environment, but you would also save gas money. Donate that money and feel extra good about bussing it! Let’s see a picture of your smiling face on the bus! #60waystosavealife

35. Sing it!

Are you in a band? A singer? A DJ? Consider playing a gig and asking for tips to give to a rescue. Sporting a cat or dog shirt wouldn’t hurt! #60waystosavealife

36. Paint it!

Host one of those fancy-pants paint nights. Instead of meeting friends at a bar, purchase some canvases and paints, and tell friends to bring over a bottle of wine. Ask for a donation to cover the cost of the supplies and a little extra to donate to a rescue. We’d love to see your masterpieces, too! #60waystosavealife #PiCATsso

37. Host a game night!

During those long winter months, a board game night with friends can be a lot of fun! Consider asking friends to bring a $5.00 donation to purchase a dog igloo or another item on our wishlist. Have fun while making a difference! #60waystosavealife

38. Clean for a cause!

Do you have a friend that’s been extra busy lately? Offer to make their house sparkle and shine for a donation to the rescue. #60waystosavealife

39. Mow it. Mow it.

Neighbours going away? Offer to mow their lawn (or maybe the lawn of someone extra busy lately) for a donation to the rescue. #60waystosavealife


40. Stop sneezing!

Having allergies to your cat can lead to the difficult decision to re-home your beloved pet. Learn about some ways to beat cat allergies and prevent your pet from needing to go to a rescue (keeping a spot open for another animal in need) and ensuring your heart stays whole! Share this post with your cat-loving friends. #60waystosavealife http://www.zoesanimalrescue.org/ahhahhhmew-10-ways-to-beat-cat-allergies/

41. Sponsor an animal

Oh boy, do we love our sponsors! What does this involve? Basically, you pledge a monthly amount that takes care of an animal’s basic needs while it is in foster care. For full details, swing by the sponsorship page on our website: http://www.zoesanimalrescue.org/donate/sponsorships/. #60waystosavealife

42. Share your rescue story

Did you rescue your pet? We would capital LOVE to hear about it and we also love the idea that by sharing our stories, we share the message to rescue. Share a picture of your rescued pet along with the hashtag #60waystosavealife and tag us @zoesanimalrescue so that we can see it and share.



43. Make something.

Calling all creatives! Are you a crafter? Candlemaker? Sewer? Painter? Photographer? Jewelry maker? Collage artist? Woodworker? Graphic designer? Illustrator? Make something and raffle it off (perhaps through your Facebook page) and donate the proceeds. We’d love to see your creativity in action! #60waystosavealife

44. Get your office into it!

Rally your officemates! Depending on your workplace, the possibilities vary. Could you make a Zoe’s poster to pin to your lunchroom bulletin board? Could you challenge each person to bring a bag of dog food? Host a fundraiser? #60waystosavealife


45. Get the kids involved!

Did someone say lemonade stand? Hot chocolate stand? We’d love to see those cute faces! #60waystosavealife

46. Cook a vegetarian meal!

It does not matter where you fall on the animal-activist spectrum, trying new foods can be fun! Your vegetarian friends will nod in approval, and your meat-eating friends may laugh at the hashtag #60waystosavealife. Either way, even by eating one vegetarian meal, you are reducing impacts. Win. Win. Nom. Nom.

47. Offer to babysit

Friends in need of a date night? Offer to watch their kiddos in exchange for a donation to the rescue. You’ll be Friend of the Year! #60waystosavealife

48. Prevent a stinky situation

We have a lot of animals in our care. We are always in need of cat litter and pee pads! Did you know you can purchase these items directly through our online store? We get the funds for litter immediately, and trust us… it prevents stinky situations! http://www.zoesanimalrescue.org/shop/ #60waystosavealife

49. Have a home-based business party for Zoe’s!

Do you have a home-based business like Norwex, Steeped Tea, Jamberry, Stampin’ Up!, Tupperware…? If so, consider donating a percent of your commission from a designated party to Zoe’s! We’d love to see a picture of your party and the goodies purchased! Don’t forget to tag it #60waystosavealife and include us in the mention!

50. Shovel it! Shovel it!

You knew this one was coming, right? When full-blown winter arrives offer to clear the snow for a small donation to the rescue. #60waystosavealife

51. Donate some website space

Do you have your own website? One for your business? Consider helping us generate traffic, which results in more exposure for our adoptable animals, by including a link to our website on your page. #60waystosavealife

52. Adopt a Stuffie

Not ready to commit to a pet? Adopt a stuffed animal at one of our events through our youngest volunteers Jade and Asha (complete with an adoption certificate). The proceeds go directly to the rescue. #60waystosavealife

53. Organize your office!

Rescues go through a lot of office supplies that often come right out of our own pockets! Whether we are printing posters, writing thank-you cards, or creating signs, we are always in need of paper, pens, markers, cards, stickers, envelopes and more! Consider donating your rarely-used office supplies! If you have a stash to donate, email us at [email protected] to make arrangements. #60waystosavealife

54. Take a pledge!

Wouldn’t it be awesome to raise money by doing something out of the ordinary? Ask your friends and family for a pledge to watch you eat a dog cookie or stuff your face in a can of kitten kibble! Film it and let us know how much you earned! #60waystosavealife

55. Walk a dog

Maybe your neighbour has a busy week ahead – offer to walk her dog for a donation! #60waystosavealife

56. Organize a Christmas Hamper!

Does your office have room for a collection bin? How about your favorite Starbucks? (You know, the one where they know your order by heart?) Gift-wrap a cardboard box and slap on a sign stating all donations are going to animal rescues! #60waystosavealife

57. Throw an adoption event!

Would you enjoy hanging out with adoptable dogs all day? Join our events team and start booking some Saturdays at the local pet store! By inviting fosters to attend, you’re helping get those animals some publicity they would otherwise never see! Begin by filling out the volunteer application: http://www.zoesanimalrescue.org/volunteer/volunteer-application/. #60waystosavealife

58. Advertise, advertise, advertise!

Social media goes a LONG way – but so does the newspaper and bulletin boards! See that we are throwing an event? Donate an ad in the paper or print our posters to hang at work, the library, community events boards, or even on your front door! #60waystosavealife

59. Help an elderly friend find a companion!

Do you have an animal-loving elderly friend in your life? Perhaps a family member? We often have older pets looking for their retirement homes. If your elderly friend would benefit from the companionship of a pet, please help connect them with one of our deserving animals. You can browse our animals’ profiles here: http://www.zoesanimalrescue.org/adopt/ You could send us a message directly too: [email protected]. #60waystosavealife

60. Clip coupons!

Did you spot a great deal at a local pet store? Litter is buy one get one free? Bully sticks are 50% off? Consider cashing in on one of these deals and donating the items to a rescue! Don’t forget to tag us so we can celebrate your score! #gettingthrifty #60waystosavealife