A New Limb on Life: Groot`s Story

groot2 It was late afternoon on my day off, when I received a message asking me if I was willing to help someone trap a cat that they had been feeding near their home. The usual knot appeared in my stomach, but of course I said yes. Rescue is full of trials and errors, mistakes and conflict. What if I couldn’t do it? Where would he go if I did catch him? What if he refused to be helped? What if he had an owner? My days with rescue are always full of uncertainty and self-doubt. It’s that familiar pain of knowing you are needed, but being helpless to do it.

Nonetheless, I sent a message to the wonderful woman who had been feeding the ginger cat. We discussed meeting the next day, when he would be around for food. He wasn’t friendly, but he ate near her window. She suspected he had been dumped or abandoned a few months ago. The idea didn’t stick – soon after, I received a plea for help – “bits of skin hanging… huge damage… please please try to help me with him”. It was worse than we had expected; the ginger cat appeared to be missing a large portion of his face, yet he wasn’t ready to be picked up and whisked away to a vet. The hunt for a humane trap began.

The character Groot has an interesting background, full of good and evil, rebirth and emotion. Groot is able to communicate with other plant life with his mind, a power that our cat seemingly had over his wonderful caretaker as he looked her in the eyes and said “help me.”

It didn’t take long- the ginger cat was trapped that night, set up in a little room of his own as his caretaker read softly to him all night. He is certainly captivating, telling us all with only his mind that he is so grateful for our help. Groot, in the Marvel world, is a tree-like being with the power of regeneration. Groot, the cat, faced us with a plant-like mass caught up in an open wound on his face, but his power of regeneration has already begun to shine through as his face heals more every day. groot1

Groot tells his foster mom how happy he is to be inside and healing. His body tells a story of survival and determination, marked with scabs and cuts, memories of fights and attacks. Like his cartoon counterpart, Groot has fought his way through his trials and landed himself in a world where he can begin to heal both physically and emotionally. He is a gentle giant, purring and head-butting as his bandages are changed. Like the Marvel Groot, our boy is of few words. He is Groot.

As Groot heals (regrows?), the hunt begins for his happy ending. We hope that one day, our Groot will find his Rocket Raccoon, a best friend that he can get into all sorts of mischief with – but indoors only!! Groot has lived through more than many young cats ever will, and he deserves a life where he is safe from the dangers of the outside. Rocket, we know you’re out there, and Groot is waiting for your application to give him his forever home.

Groot is in need of the following:

  • A Sponsor!! Are you interested in sponsoring Groot’s remaining surgeries? Monthly sponsorships are available.
  • Canned Food! Groot likes Pate, especially the HALO brand.
  • Soft Cones, as the plastic ones can be hard on his exposed skin.
  • Litter! Clumping- he uses clay but wheat or corn based is also great. You can even purchase this item in our estore.
  • Lots of prayers and happy kitty vibes!! Let’s send our own positive mind messages to Groot and tell him he isn’t alone! He is Groot. We are Groot.

Tawnya Summers
Cat Lady, BA (Hon.)

Here is a little video showing just how sweet and loving Groot is. WARNING: It is a little graphic as you can see his open wound.