Caretaker Cat Program

Many times we get cats in care who require very specific homes due to their shyness or other behavioural issues like aggression, outdoor needs, or just wanting to be touched on their terms. They just require food (scheduled meals), vet care, warmth and whatever amount of love they want. These cats in time could be lap cats, but it would take a long time. They are amazing cats who we would hate to see live a short outdoor only life because in time would love to be with their people. They just need a person willing to open their heart to a cat who may take months to be able to really touch. Because of their needs, the adoption fee is only $50 per cat or for a bonded pair to help you have lots of extra money for bribery treats and even catios. These cats truly are amazing and deserve their chance to be loved in a loving home with understanding owners who will love them for them. If you have a big heart for cats who aren’t the standard and need extra love and care, check out their profiles to see if one (or two) wrap their lil paws around your heart.