Buying a Home? Make Your Mortgage Count for Zoe’s

FINAL-2-682x1024I’m Jason, a mortgage broker by day, husband and father by morning, afternoon, evening, and night. And in my spare time, I foster cats that need some love—it’s something that my little family does together.

As a mortgage broker, I help people (mainly first- and second-time homeowners) realize their dream of homeownership. I understand that buying a home is not just a transaction or everyday purchase and that there can be some measure of stress involved. That stress is often not just from the mortgage approval, but also can carry out into personal lives and goes with clients to work. Understanding how this stress and anxiety carries through all aspects of your life, I focus on minimizing that stress through open and honest communication along with empathy and understanding for what you are going through. I too experienced the same emotions when applying for my own mortgage. And, since starting to foster stray cats brought in by Zoe’s Animal Rescue, I have been reflecting even further on the importance of having a home.

After losing both our cat (of 16 years) and dog (of 13 years) within the span of a few months, we noticed a certain imageemptiness in our home: something was missing.  While we were not feeling ready to replace our pets, we decided that fostering would be a great option. Fostering has allowed us to ease back into having pets, provided our three little girls with a companion and many teaching opportunities (like how to positively contribute to the world outside of our front door), and, most importantly, has shown us how many animals need our help and just how rewarding it can be to see them off to their adoptive homes. The love that these animals bring after going through trauma in their life is amazing. They don’t hold grudges. They just move on and appreciate life (and my spot on the couch). That lesson has carried a lot of weight for me–not only are we helping these rescue animals, but also they are helping us.

get a mortgage (3)Seeing firsthand how much goes into rescuing these stray, lost, surrendered and sometimes suffering cats and dogs (in term of time, money, and heart) has been shocking. The effort that volunteers put in is huge, and my way of contributing to the cause is to donate a portion of my commissions earned from anyone that completes a mortgage through me and mentions that they found me through Zoe’s. All you have to do is say you found me through Zoe’s, complete a mortgage through me and then I will donate 10% of my commissions from that mortgage back to Zoe’s.

Thinking about purchasing a home? Let’s chat and work together while we are at it to make a difference for animals in need in our community.

You can reach me by email at [email protected] or by telephone at 780-463-4713. You can also message me on Twitter or reach me through my website.