Dolly’s Dream

Dolly’s Dream

Dolly's Dream

Who was Dolly ?

Dolly was a big loveable dog who won over the heart of anyone who met her.

Sadly we met Dolly after she was abandoned with an unknowing citizen in terrible shape. She was severely emaciated, nails overgrown, barely able to stand, and bleeding from the inside out.

She was rushed to one of our partner vets and her condition was the worst he had ever seen.

Even at her sickest, her tail would wag whenever someone approached. She deserved better then she got and sadly due to neglect she lost her life.

Despite multiple days of treatment including multiple blood transfusions from Zoe’s alumni dogs, she just couldn’t fight anymore and the kindest thing was to let her cross the rainbow bridge.

We promised Dolly that we would help make her dream come true and keep fighting for animals like her.

We did not let the people get away with what they did to her. It took a lot of effort and time but Zoe’s got the police animal cruelty team involved and they did everything in their power to locate the people who neglected her and made sure they were held accountable. The consequences due to our weak Alberta laws surrounding animals will be minimal, but it’s a start. We are determined to help change these weak laws and we need you to join us.

Help us fight!

Donate today. Share her story. Raise your voice for animals, and demand that our laws be changed to better protect them.

Dolly’s dream was for animals to be treated as beings , not property , and for our animal protection laws in Alberta to improve so that animals are better protected . We promised Dolly we would keep working towards her dream and we hope you will too.

Ways you can help make a change for animals

1. Educate yourself , check out the links below:


2. Write to your MLA asking for Alberta’s laws surrounding animals to be reviewed and updated Find your MLA here :


3. Donate to Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society and note that it’s for the Dolly Fund.

Other animals like Dolly can be helped with your generosity.



4. Buy some Dolly’s dream gear at the link below and spread the word!!


5. Share her story! Get more people involved and raising their voices for animals.

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6. Don’t give up. Change takes time ❤️

It’s important our pets see the vet at least yearly to ensure their health is good . And it’s important to have your pet see the vet as soon as possible if they are sick or not acting themselves.

Some signs your pet may be sick:

  • Not eating
  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Weight loss
  • Lack of energy
  • Not able to poop or pee
  • Shaking
  • Crying
  • Open wound
  • Growths
  • Foul smelling breath
  • Lame on any limbs
  • Bleeding
  • Seizure
  • Pale gums /tongue
  • Excessive panting and drooling

If finances are a problem and you don’t think you can afford for them to see the vet these are some things you can do:

1. Call around to different vets to compare prices.
2. Reach out to local rescues like Zoe’s and ask if they might be able to help you. Sometimes they can offer lower rates or even payment plans.
3. Check groups that support low income families such as
4. Can see if you can get help from Petcard.
5. If you are not able to get help from anyone call the Alberta SPCA , or your local animal care and control to see if they can help or have suggestions. Let them know what you have tried so far.
6. Try not to wait. Waiting can not only increase suffering to your pet and worsen the condition but cause the vet bills to be even more expensive. If you notice something try to get into a vet during regular hours as emergency vets will be more costly.