Featured Volunteer – Andrea Young, our incredible home checker!

11007461_10153623054932519_843798625_n Almost 8 years ago now, I endured horrible tragedy in my family. My eldest son was murdered & I was obviously devastated. We took my sons dog in along with the 3 I already had. As the days, weeks, months went by I quickly realized that my happiest moments were when I was with animals… That’s really been the case for most of my life. Unconditional love, was what saved me from disaster. That feeling that I could make a difference in someone else’s life, four paws or two legs (was also the director of a support group in the city, victims of homicide) wandering through grief, it seemed to lift the more I cared for others. So after deciding to leave the support group (to take care of myself) I decided to go back to school & get my DBTM certificate (dog behavior & training methodology) and offer my help to an animal rescue. I contacted my friend Kath Oltsher (co director of Zoes) & asked where I could help. I have the gift of the gab & love meeting people, especially those who share my passion for animals. Immediately I knew I wanted to do home checks for possible foster & adoptive homes for cats & dogs. Essentially I am Santa.. matching fur babies with loving homes. I’m filled with pride every time we place an animal. I meet people at their happiest moments, bringing a new member of the family home or possibly helping a family with a sad situation feels happiness again with a new fur ball. Either way, it’s the most therapeutic, happy, gratifying, inspiring thing I get to do. I LOVE my job… not many people can say that!

– Andrea Young