Foster of the Week: Ginger Cream


Get down! It’s my birth month! Get down! It’s my birth month!!

I’m a year old now!! Wooo!

My birthday wish? A forever playmate.

That’s a requirement, by the way. I really like to play! It’s part of my daily routine.

I start with a morning cuddle session with my foster mom, then she gives me a little cream while she makes her coffee. Mmmmm! After that, it’s play time! I love chasing jingly balls all over the house. I also flip my bed on top of me and ATTACK it from underneath. This is purely for the amusement of my foster mom. Silly humans, so easily amused. My foster mom says I’m a character, I don’t disagree. I’m pretty awesome.

I’m also a most excellent nap buddy. After I ATTACK my foster mom’s toes under her blanket, I like to snuggle in for a cozy sleep. That’s the life, man. Humans are good snugglers. (My foster mom says I have the cutest snore, but I think she’s trying to pass off HER snores as mine.) If my humans don’t have time to snooze with me, I am just fine climbing onto their shoulders for a quick cat nap. Again, I do this for the humans. A warm neck is a happy neck.

People say cats are aloof and anti-social, not me! I love to be right in the middle of the party. If my foster family has company over, I must meet everyone. I also like other cats and dogs. I’m trying to be friends with my foster siblings. The dogs are FUN to chase, but the cat is one of those aloof, anti-social types. (Way to spoil it for the rest of us…) I don’t mind kids, but I’m still kittenish and sometimes spunky – or ‘bitey and scratchy’ as my foster mom calls it. I’m not trying to be mean, I just get carried away sometimes. I would very much appreciate a forever home that understands my sometimes kitten ways.

If you’d like to make my birthday wish come true, apply to adopt me today!