Foster of the Week: Morgan Freeman



Oh, pardon me…


Oops! Excuse me!


*Sniff, sniff*

Hmm….you smell human. Listen, I’ve got an itch right behind my ear. Would you mind?

Ahhhh….. That’s better, thank you.

Hi! I’m Morgan! Sit down beside me and let’s play a game. I’ll tell you three things about me and you have to guess which one is a lie.

  1. I’m 10 years old.
  2. Famous actor Morgan Freeman was named after me.
  3. I’m blind.

Can you guess which one isn’t true? I know, I know. Too easy, right? I just wanted you to sit beside me and pet me. Now that you’re here, there’s no sense in getting up. Let’s chat.

I’m looking for a forever home. I had a family but they weren’t able to properly care for me, so Zoe’s took me in. I took a little time to adjust in my foster home, being blind makes new environments a little nerve-wracking, but nothing keeps me down for long! I’m always smiling!  As long as I have a patient human by my side…

I went to Kause for Paws at Koch Ford on the weekend. It was a little much, not gonna lie…. I don’t really like big open spaces, they’re very hard for me to navigate. But once we settled inside where people registered, I was able to relax. The best part was all the people; a solid five hours of love, cuddles and scratches. That’s the good life….

Bark on the street is that senior dogs have a hard time getting adopted. I don’t understand that at all. Senior dogs are the best!!

No offence to puppies, they are pretty cute, but us older dogs are so much easier. We don’t ask for much: love, food and a comfy spot to lay our heads. At least that’s all I’m looking for. That and a home where I can be close by my people at all times. Being alone for too long makes me restless and I start to investigate things I probably shouldn’t. Like the kitchen counters…. In my defence, I don’t exactly know it’s the kitchen counters I’m surfing. It’s not like I can see that I’m in the kitchen. Wink, wink….

My age and vision impairment don’t hold me back at all. I hope it won’t hold you back from applying to adopt me!