Foster of the Week: Rosa


Hi, I’m Rosa.

This is kinda hard for me.

I’m shy.

I’m from a rural community and lived almost entirely outdoors, so being taken in by Zoe’s and living indoors in my foster home was a BIG change. It’s hard to be yourself in such new and unfamiliar territory. I’m still learning and getting used to my new life, but I’ve come SO far in the months I’ve been in my foster home – thanks to my incredibly loving and patient foster parents. I think I’m ready to find my forever home.

I have some requirements though.

I know that sounds daunting, but I’ve worked so hard to become the lady I am today and I want to be a fine wine. You know, the kind that gets better with age.

One of the first things my foster parents set up for me was my crate. Some dogs don’t like crates, but I LOVE mine. It’s my safe space. I will need a crate in my forever home, a place to call my own, a place that I can go to feel safe when I need. I definitely won’t snub a big fluffy bed to snooze on, but I need to know I can retreat to my crate if I feel I need some quiet alone time. I am as intelligent as I am beautiful and need a family who will continue with my training. I’ve done remarkably well with clicker training and would excel in classes with you. I promise it will be fun and help us bond while helping me continue to grow and flourish. Be sure to map out Timmies locations on our route to class because I know car rides = Timbits.

Speaking of food….I love it. My foster mom says I should have been named “Hoover” because of how fast I inhale my food. Pft! Rosa is prettier. I do love food though, she’s not wrong there. Treats are the way to my heart (and a way for you to acquire a shadow in the form of a gorgeous brown haired gal.) Bully sticks are my absolute favourite treat; I also love plain Cheerios. I’m watching my girlish figure and they’re low fat while still being very tasty. (Shout out to the person who said I have a small head because my body is so big. How rude!)

After food, my favourite thing is playing with other dogs. I’d like to have at least one in my forever home. Not only do siblings make great friends and playmates, they are also great role models for indoor living. And great adventure buddies! I love adventures! Since I grew up outdoors, I’m very comfortable being outside. I’ve learned how leashes work and very much enjoy long walks. I also like to pretend I am “Rosa: Vicious Bug Hunter Extraordinaire.” My foster mom thinks it’s hilarious, the way I stalk the bugs and leap into the air to catch them. What can I say? It’s fun!

If my perfect home sounds like your home, check out my profile and apply to adopt me!