Mandy's Happily Ever After

Once upon a time there was a beautiful older kitty named Mandy who lived with her very elderly owner. Mandy was heartbroken when her elderly owner had to move into a senior’s home without her, but she was quickly fostered by a caring family at Zoe’s until her perfect home was found.

Mandy’s perfect home was found by a nice lady who had been without a “fuzzy buddy” for 4 years, and knew it was difficult for an older animal, especially a 16-year old, to find a place for them to live out the rest of their life in peaceful relaxation. Her new owner had volunteered at ferret rescues as well as the Calgary Humane Society and had seen this first hand, and since she already had a few senior dogs and cats, she decided Mandy belonged with her.

When they met, Mandy was instantly affectionate and loving. “She really didn’t take long to check me out and be friendly. She was well adjusted,” says her happy new owner. “There hasn’t been much of an ‘opening up’. First night, she walked in, plunked herself down in the middle of the floor and made herself at home.”

Mandy’s new owner also says that the senior kitty is a huge talker. As soon as she arrives home, she’ll often trundle up to the door and begin to meow for some “skritches”. As well, if more than a day has gone by, Mandy is more than happy to let her know that she would like her to stay right where she is. The happy kitty has a flowing water dish and an automatic litter box as well as some new siblings to bond with.

Well experienced with older kitties, Mandy’s new owner says that having a senior animal is truly rewarding. They aren’t as rambunctious as a kitten but will still be playful, unlikely to tear up things like curtains and toilet paper, and they’ll usually sleep through the night rather than wake you. However, as with all kitties, it truly depends on the unique character of each. “What you will get always depends on each cats personality. Young or old, they all like to sleep, no doubt about that, but the senior cats seem to get and give a quiet love that you can’t help smiling about.”


By Julie Kraus