Paw Wax Fundraiser!

Zoe’s Paw Wax is an all natural product made from beeswax, shea butter, olive oil, and coconut oil. It’s safe for your pet to lick, although my lick-a-holic dogs haven’t bothered to lick it yet, and it’s safe for your own skin.

Apply paw wax a few minutes before going outside on a walk. It will protect your dog’s paws from snowballs, ice, and painful salt! If you go through deep snow where a buildup of snow on the paws is inevitable, paw wax keeps the snow from sticking or becoming embedded between the pads. You’ll be able to wipe it off and continue your walk.

In the summer paw wax will protect paws from hot asphalt, although use caution for hot surfaces and reapply as needed.

To apply paw wax:

  1. Trim your dog’s paw hair, including between the pads. Be careful not to grip his foot too hard and hurt him, and careful with those scissors
  2. Scoop out some paw wax and rub it on the pads and the areas deep between the pads. The oils in the paw wax will absorb into your dog’s foot and the wax will form a protective barrier.
  3. Repeat for all 4 paws
  4. Paw wax is good for about a week before you need to reapply. You don’t need to trim the hair each time. Apply more often if it’s very cold or you do a lot of walking.

Apply paw wax on a washable surface in your home, or get your dog to stand on a towel. The paw wax will leave light footprints for the first few steps your dog takes but the majority of the product will be absorbed into the paw.

Purchase Zoe’s Paw Wax for $8 here. Proceeds to Zoe’s Animal Rescue Society.