Foster of the Week: Pawsitively Purrrrrrfectly Petite Pitaya

pitaya 2

Hi there! I’m Pitaya.

Pawsitively purrrrrrfectly petite Pitaya.

The first year of my life has been a bit of a whirlwind. I’m not even a year old and have already had a litter of kittens. Babies having babies… But!! Thankfully a kind soul found me and my babies in a backyard bush and called the good Zoe’s Family right away. My foster mom has taken great care of me so I could be a great mama to my babies, and I was. I’ve seen my kittens off to furever homes, now it’s my turn.

It’s taken me a bit to warm up to house living, I still find myself feeling a bit on the timid side sometimes, but I’m learning. My foster mom showed me this amazingly comfortable thing called a bed. Oh my word! What a lovely thing to curl up in!!! I also enjoy a snuggle with my people, I just have to sniff you out to make sure you’re good people. I’m learning how to play too. My foster mom gave me this fun squeaker ball with a mouse in it, I love it! Makes me feel like a kitten! I also fancy a good ball to chase now and again as well.

I’m definitely done having babies, but I’m a fantastic mom, if I do say so myself. My foster mom says it too though, so it must be true. I was very caring, sweet and attentive to my babies and now I’m helping my foster sister take care of her babies. It takes a village, you know, even for felines. Sweetness and care is in my blood, it’s who I am.

Even though I am enjoying life with my foster family, I am so ready for my forever home. Ready to be a house kitten, lounging in the sun, playing with toys or curling up in your lap. Ready to be your pawsitively purrrrrrfect pet!

Apply to adopt me!