Reasons to Foster

10599709_784909314892257_7274016074077330553_n  1. To find the best match for your other pets and family members

2. To help the neglected or abused animals with no voice

3. To teach responsibility

4. To socialize your pets

5. Foster animals have a better chance of good placement than animals adopted out of a shelter/kennel

6. Helping animals without the long term commitment of ownership

7. No vet bills, cost of food etc. Zoe’s pays for everything

8. Be a place for animals to go, who are currently living tied up outdoors, or abandoned and left to die

9. Animals are very therapeutic – that’s scientifically proven

10. The feeling you get when your foster gets adopted and you know that you helped them on the road to their second chance at a happy life

11.And we could go on!

I decided to ask our team of volunteers and fosters why they chose to foster with Zoe’s.

95% of our volunteer group said that it’s the people. We have AMAZING members, who do so much for the community and are so supportive. Kath and Sasha, the co-directors are phenomenal – all the Zoe’s volunteers and fosters would agree. We have a great homechecker as well, so you always know that an animal is really going to the right home. Andrea is incredible – and one of the nicest people you will ever meet. There are tons of other people, as well, who make up an amazing team we call the Zoe’s Family.

Another great thing about Zoe’s is our adoption process. Not only do we choose the best application for that animal, but it is followed by a meet and greet, reference checks, home check.. all to make sure it really is that animals furever home. We are very proud of our return rate of 3% or lower.

Zoe’s is an incredibly supportive group of people of all ages – families, couples, room-mates… the list goes on. And we would LOVE to add you to our team. At Zoe’s, our mission is to be the voice for those animals who don’t have one. They need our help – and we need yours. We are so proud of how big this rescue has become – and how many animals we have placed into their furever homes, and given a second chance at life.

If you’re interested in becoming a part of this team, whether it’s fostering, organizing events, running a fundraiser, or even just transporting animals or picking up donations – please fill out a foster or volunteer application on our website. It could save an animal’s life – or many!

– Maggie Hamilton