Rehoming Your Pet

We are often asked for advice on rehoming pets, and in most of these situations, we recommend that the owner become the rescue. An owned animal has everything that a rescue can offer and more. Owners already know their animal, can write a comprehensive description, and importantly, they want the best for their pet. Rehoming directly will reduce the stress that the animal experiences when moved, and also helps keep spaces open in our foster homes for animals that have no other options.

In order to ensure a successful adoption, we recommend the following strategies:

  • Advertise EVERYWHERE (e.g., Kijiji, Facebook,
  • Include a clear photo and detailed description in your ad. Include the animal’s age, sex, size, and whether they are good with kids, dogs, and cats. Indicate whether they’re house trained, crate trained, or have any behavioural issues. And lastly, include their endearing qualities – highlight the characteristics that make the animal adoptable.
  • Ask rescues to do courtesy posts through their social media.
  • Ensure that the animal is up to date on vet care and is spayed or neutered. This increases interest, and will help the animal to get adopted more quickly.
  • Screen prospective adopters. This includes an initial phone call, meet and greet, and home check.
  • Use an adoption contract.
  • Ask for a donation to a rescue as part of the ‘fee’ for the pet (we suggest a minimum of $100 for a cat, and $200 for a dog). An adopter’s willingness to pay for an animal shows that they understand and accept that pets are costly. The initial purchase is just one of many expenses.
  • Make sure that the adopter knows how to introduce the animal to any existing animals in the home (slow and easy does it).
  • Follow up with the new family to make sure that things are going smoothly.

This may sound time consuming, but it is usually a short term investment. Many of our animals are adopted within weeks.

If you need advice on writing a contact, conducting a home check, or would like us to do a courtesy post, please contact us at [email protected].