What’s in your pet’s diet? Part One


We all love our pets and love to spoil them excessively but did you know that your pet’s diet can effect them in different ways and could even be causing your pet to have health issues?

What’s really behind the label?

Before buying any cat/dog food check the label. Does it have by-products, preservatives,  and a ton of things you can’t even pronounce? Then walk away. The type of foods you should be looking for would have actual meat in it things like Salmon, chicken even protein meal is fine.  It’s still made from meat while by-products tends to be more of the discarded parts of the animal. Some brands of foods have extra minerals and vitamins to promote a healthy pet as well.  Their are limited ingredients, weight control, hairball management, digestive aid brands and much more. The price can be a bit higher  but in the end is worth the extra cost.


Counting calories

Pets who are overweight can have loads of medical and behavioral problems. It can lead to diabetes, arthritis, decreased life span,  cats not able to fit or get into a litter box, and not being able to clean themselves properly. If your pet is getting hefty you can pick up weight control food, limit the treats and do not give table scraps.  Free feeding can lead to obesity if you just keep filing up the bowl without measuring so a strict meal plan would be a better alternative. Some pets just eat and eat. Look for dry food that has weight control or has low fat %, 16% or less would be great and put your pet on a feeding schedule.

Food allergies

It is more common in pets then you think. If your pet is constantly scratching or licking, has dry skin, bald patches, a high frequency of hot spots, hives, ear infections, skin infections, diarrhea, and vomiting then your pet might be allergic to their food. The most common allergens are beef, dairy, wheat, egg, chicken, lamb, soy, pork, rabbit, and fish. Bring you pet to the vet if those symptoms do occur, and get your pet tested for what allergies they have. There are brands that have limited ingredients, and raw food is also something that can be looked into.

Stay tune for part two of our What’s in your pet’s diet. Coming soon!