Where do Zoe’s animals come from?

Most of our animals come from our rural target community outside of Edmonton. They are either strays, abandoned, or have been surrendered to us.

I need to rehome my pet – will you take it?

We do not accept owner surrenders from within Edmonton, except under very rare circumstances; however, if you do need to rehome your animal, we can help with advertising and advise you on how to find the best possible new home for your pet.

Where do you keep your animals? Can I visit your shelter?

Zoe’s is a shelterless rescue, meaning that all of our animals live in foster homes (i.e., real homes) until they are adopted. Fosters, with the help of trainers within our volunteer network, work on behavioural issues and really get to know the animals, which gives you a much better idea of how they might behave in your own home. If you want to visit an animal, please submit an application, and we’ll be happy to arrange a meet and greet.

How is Zoe’s different from the Edmonton Humane Society?

Both Zoe’s and the Humane Society are committed to helping companion animals in need, so you can feel good about adopting from either organization! The Edmonton Humane Society mainly accepts owner surrenders from within Edmonton, whereas Zoe’s (and many of the other independent rescues in Edmonton) mainly take in animals from outside of the city.

Does Zoe’s ever euthanize animals?

Zoe’s will never euthanize an animal due to lack of space or behavioural issues, but we sometimes have to close our doors to animals in need if we cannot find a foster placement. Volunteer fosters are the heart of our rescue, so we are always looking for more 😉

Isn’t rescuing strays a band-aid solution?

Okay, that’s not really a question, but we do get it a lot! It’s true that just taking in animals will not solve the problems associated with cat and dog overpopulation. However, we can (and do!) make a difference in the lives of individual animals. But that’s not all! Zoe’s works towards addressing the bigger issues through community outreach and education initiatives, as well as spay and neuter clinics. Lastly, we pride ourselves on the relationships we’ve built in our target community: our goal is to find solutions that work for both people and animals.

If my Zoe’s rescue doesn’t work out, can I return it?

Yes. We will never turn down a Zoe’s animal. If you’re having issues, please contact us, and we’ll help you work through them, whether that means giving you support and advice, or taking the animal back into our care.

Do you accept non-monetary donations?

Yes, please! See our wish list.