Foster of the Week: Miss Trisha Yearwood


Famous for such hits as “How do I Bark?” and “She’s in Love with the Bone,” this darling puppy was named appropriately after the incomparable country superstar, Trisha Yearwood.

This Trisha loves to sing as much as her more famous counterpart. When we say ‘sing,’ we mean she has a really cute bark and her playtime growls are adorable! True to puppy form, she loves to play, bouncing, pouncing, sideways ninja flying and wrastling like a champ! Recently Trisha discovered the wonders of ice cubes. They zing across the floor and are so fun to chase and chew!! Speaking of chewing, she is in that phase where she is a little bitey. Nothing some training and redirecting can’t fix.

A strong commitment to training and further socialization are important for Trisha’s development and growth into a well-balanced dog, both of which will be included in Trisha’s adoption contract. Not to fret, however, puppy classes are a fun and fantastic way to build a solid bond! Currently, her foster parents have been focusing on potty training. But not regular potty training… Trisha has learned to ring a bell at the door to say she wants to be let outside. Neat, eh?

Trisha is very eager to learn, especially when treats are involved. If she can ring a bell to pee, imagine what other cool tricks Trisha could learn…

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