We’re Here For Your Happily Ever After

It’s pretty ludicrous that after the birth of a baby, everyone is sent home and left to figure out life and parenting on their own. Zoe’s would never do that to a new family. We’re here for you, man!

Here are a few of the ways you can count on us after you take your new family member home:

  1. Once a Zoe’s Animal, Always a Zoe’s Animal
    This mantra is our foundation. Whether an animal was in our care for two weeks, two months or two years, they are ALWAYS a member of the Zoe’s family. Our homes and our hearts are always open. No exceptions.
  2. 24/7/365 Support
    Your relationship with Zoe’s doesn’t end when the adoption contract is signed. Just the opposite. Every adoptive family is given contact information (phone numbers and email) that can be used any time, for any reason. Health question? Call us. Behaviour question? Call us. Dog vomiting at 1 am? Call us. Cat gagging at your morning coffee? Call us! We might giggle at first, but we will also help you determine if this is cause for concern or just another odd cat quirk.
  3. Your Foster Family Can Be Your Friends Forever
    Many of our foster families keep in touch with their adoptive families. Not only as a wealth of information and resources, but as friends and as people who truly love each and every foster that comes through their door. We want our rescues to be happy in their forever homes and we want to support our adopters in every way we can.
  4. The Happily Ever After Club
    We’re here for the bad stuff, but we’re also here for the good stuff! We invite every adoptive family to join our Happily Ever After group on Facebook. Share photos, updates and stories or ask questions and get support.

We do our very best to make sure all our animals are thoroughly vetted and assessed before being adopted. Despite our best efforts, sometimes things are missed, show up later down the road or maybe extra treatment is necessary. Regardless of what or why, you will always have our support. We are always a phone call or email away.

We love and care for and fight to ensure the health of all the animals in our care, but there are exceptions!

Yep, parasites! If it lives in or on a cat or dog or horse or guinea pig or other companion animal that crosses our path – it is on our and our vet’s hit list. (They are a normal side effect of living outside and of poor nutrition which is par for the course for most rescue intakes, but normal, well cared for pets can get them too.) We treat for all the usual suspects like round worm, tape worm, mange, mites etc. And often more than once because most parasites take full advantage when they find a host.

We want our animals to be as healthy and comfortable as possible simply because we love them.

We have a top notch medical team that works closely with our amazing foster homes and dedicated vets work to provide the BEST care not only while they are with us but also as steadfast resources even after an animal is adopted and becomes YOUR pet.

(Kath Oltsher, Co-Director)

Check out the Education & Pet Care Tips section of our website to learn how to manage some common pet issues and concerns.