Benson AndTheJets

Adoption Pending

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Benson AndTheJets   |   Male   |   Cockapoo   |  

Rescue Story:

My former owners didn't have time to train me, so I came to Zoe's to find my forever people.

Date of Birth: October 20, 2014

Energy Level: High - one hour of walking per day minimum

Size (adult): Small (18 lbs)

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I need proper introductions with other dogs. I would prefer a home without other animals.
Good with Cats? Yes
With training, I will be fine, but a home without other animals is ideal for me.
Good with Kids? No
I'm fine with children ages 11 and up. I should never be unsupervised with children under 11, even with training.

Critter Twitter:

Benson here... B-b-b-Benny AndTheJets! I am loving and loveable! If there’s a free lap I will claim it. If you’re teaching me something and I don’t know what you want I’ll sit, lie down, roll over, spin and speak until I get a treat. I drag my bed around the house so I can be comfortable and sit by my favourite people. I am fully house trained and crate trained. Who's a good boy? I am! #treatsplease #doggytricks

About my Behaviour:

I love people and cuddling all the time, except when they’re trying to take my food or toys. My foster home is working with me so I learn to share but I will need further training to stop me from resource guarding. So one-on-one positive reinforcement training will be mandatory for me.

I'm an excellent guard dog and like to alert my people to changes in the environment by barking and barking and barking! Walks help tire me out so I'm not so on guard.

I can never be trusted with children under 11 because they are unable to read my cues. Therefore I am not suitable for a home with small children, or a home that plans to have small children.

How’s my Health?

I had an ear infection when I came in. I might have food or environmental allergies and my foster home is monitoring me. My forever family will have to get to the bottom of it.

As a small dog I will need regular dental cleaning, and I will need one within 6 months of adoption.

I am microchipped, neutered, and fully vaccinated.

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