Matterhorn Henderson – Updated Sept 2021


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Matterhorn Henderson – Updated Sept 2021   |   Female   |   Mixed Breed   |  

Rescue Story:

I came in with my Mom and sisters. Now I am ready to find my new home.

Date of Birth: March 16, 2021

Energy Level: High - I am full of fun puppy energy!

Size (adult): Medium - Large

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
With proper introductions, I should be fine with other dogs.
Good with Cats? No
Cat’s are way too exciting for me!
Good with Kids? Yes
I would do best with kids 8 years old or older

Critter Twitter:

Hi, my name is Matterhorn. I am one of the adventure pups. I thought I would give an update on how I am doing as I have now been with my foster for almost 4 months. I love to run and play and chase butterflies. I like to play chase and to wrestle with other dogs. I can be quite vocal when I play or want another dog to play with me. My one foster sister is 85 lbs, so I am used to playing with big dogs. I also like to wrestle on mom’s bed, with the smaller sister who is 40 lbs. I much prefer one on one play or just a couple dogs, so I probably wouldn’t enjoy daycare or the dog park too much. Maybe when it is slower and there is only a couple of dogs. I LOVE water. I will try to find my way into any pond I come across. I will also pull you, so that I can get to the water. Still working on the swimming thing though, that is still a little scary. I have a lot of energy and love to go on sniffy walks. I am becoming an expert at fetch, I love to run after the ball and I am pretty good about bringing it back. I also love to play tug. I am smart girl and I have been learning lots of cool things, which helps work my brain and tire me out. I proudly can say, I know how to sit, lay down, touch, shake a paw, spin, bow and pray. I am working on a couple more, so hopefully will be able to add them to my bag of tricks. I also gave scent detection and agility a try, both seemed pretty cool. I will need someone who is active and will keep my mind mentally stimulated. I am ready to start my next adventure with my new family, hopefully I will get to meet you soon!.

About my Behaviour:

I am house trained, though still use pee pads as my mom is gone to long for me to hold it. I am comfortable being in a crate and will sometimes nap in it but I haven’t spent a long time in one. I spend my day in a puppy proofed room/area. I have never been completely home alone, so not sure how I would be. I am an excitable puppy and need some help learning not be a jumping bean/landshark. I have gotten a lot better on the biting, but when I get over stimulated, the landshark comes out. I will need someone with patience and kindness to help work with me on this. I also use my mouth to say "no thank you", which the more I am listened to, the less I use my mouth. I am a little slower warming up to new dogs and on leash I may bark at other dogs. I will need help building my confidence as I am still a little unsure of things. I must stop and watch every person who walks by. I must observe every duck on the pond, every magpie in the tree etc. So, I will need someone who will not rush me on walks, as I need the time to process things. I have some resource guarding, so if there are any other dogs in the home, we will need to be fed separately. I am learning how to be the best doggo I can be, please be patient with me there is so much to learn! I will need someone who is dedicated to keep teaching me as I grow and in return, I know I will become the most amazing dog around!

As a condition of adoption, we must register in a force free training class for puppies. We'll learn so much and bond and I can have some socializing time with other dogs in a safe environment, which is really critical for young pups! Please check out for some great force free trainers!

How’s my Health?

I am spayed, microchipped, de-wormed and up to date on my vaccinations. Please note we cannot guarantee any breeds or size that this pup will grow into.

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