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Crossy   |   Female   |   Domestic Short Hair   |   Special Needs

Rescue Story:

I came in with some other cats to be spayed but it was discovered that I needed some additional medical work, so Zoe's took me in!

Date of Birth: May 2010

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I would probably be fine with dogs as long as we are properly introduced.
Good with Cats? Yes
I should be fine with other feline friends given my previous living environment.
Good with Kids? No
Sometimes when I get really excited, I give love bites that could be scary to younger children.

Critter Twitter:

Well I just love people! I get lonely and bored if I'm left alone for too long, so please pet me and let me give you some head butts! I love to explore and play soccer with crinkly toys. I sometimes get overexcited and act a little crazy, but it's all out of pure joy. I don't like being cleaned, though, so if you come at me with a wet cloth I'll probably smack it right out of your hand, hehehe! #playplayplay #petmenow

About my Behaviour:

I'm curious and I'm potty trained - although if the box is too small, I may miss the edge of it. Thank goodness for pee pads underneath! I love to sit on top of people and get my head rubbed and rubbed and rubbed. I'm super-duper affectionate, but if I get overstimulated I sometimes try to bite, so I'm trying to learn what "no" means and how to keep my teeth to myself. Everyone who has met me falls in love because of my sweet meow and my desire to keep your lap warm.

How’s my Health?

I have an autoimmune condition called eosinophilic granuloma complex, This will sometimes cause me to get ulcers on my skin and will cause some fur loss. But when it flares up, all that's required is a simple steroid shot - and if you give it to me while I'm eating yummy soft food, I won't even notice it's happening.

I have been spayed, vaccinated, and microchipped.

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