Doctor Mew

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Doctor Mew   |   Male   |   Domestic Medium/Long Hair   |  

Rescue Story:

I have used several of my regenerations already with my early adventures. A kindly stranger found me alone and lost in a back alley at 2-3 weeks old alone. This stranger turned me into a local vet who asked Zoe’s to take me in. It was at my foster mama’s house where I stole the TARDIS and remembered that I was a Time Lord Cat. I was so young then, just 225 grams when I first started my adventures with the TARDIS. Twice I had to have emergency trips to the vet in my first week at my foster home. I had no particular issues, but being an orphan without a mama cat is difficult for us teeny kittens. Both times the vet, and even my foster mama doubted my survival, but one should not doubt The Doctor. I have the power of regeneration. These early adventures may have used up three regenerations, but luckily I have nine left which, really, is as much as the average, non-Time Lord Cats. I realized that to thrive, I needed to eat on my own, so I stopped waiting for hand feeding and chose to eat on my own. And The Doctor does better with a companion, so I was happy to turn over a TARDIS key to my newest companion, a lovely regular ol’ Tabby cat who was also alone in the world: Roary “The Roman” Williams.

Date of Birth: Mid May 2016

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): I am still a kitten so I am still teeny tiny and growing.

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Unknown
I am still young, so I should be able to adapt to most situations.
Good with Cats? Yes
Yes, I am very friendly with the resident cats who are tolerant of my energy and playfulness and I am completely unafraid of them. Up until this point, I’ve had my constant kitten companion Roary which does reduce my need for outside attention and exercise because we entertain each other. So we need to be adopted together.
Good with Kids? Yes
Yes, I would probably be fine with cat-savvy children.

Critter Twitter:

I am a bit of a snorter. I snort when I eat. When I drink. When I purr. My foster mama says it is adorable, but I think it is undignified and I hope that I outgrow it. I just learned that I have a great growl, so I am growling at everything now. Because growling is cool. I am open to wear a fez or a Stetson, but only for brief moments in time.

You can see Roary and I dealing with the Invasion of the Daleks here

And more of our early adventures here

About my Behaviour:

I am probably more 11th Doctor than 1st or 4th. This is evidenced by my proclivity for bow ties (Bow ties are cool!) and I do like to kiss. A lot. Because I spent a lot of time at the beginning tucked into my foster mama’s shirt, I am really cuddly, when I have time. I have a lot of running and chasing of Daleks and Cybermen to do in my TARDIS. But when all the adventuring is done and I am tired, I like to cuddle on or near my people. I am The Doctor, so I am full of curiosity and ready to explore a good box or fight with a toy. I am ready for action, but as I get older, this energy will likely settle out more.

How’s my Health?

I will be neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped prior to adoption.

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