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Echo   |   Female   |   Husky X   |  

Rescue Story:

I am a rescue from the Edmonton Humane Society. My old owners thought I was too big, but in my opinion I am the perfect size! 🙂

Date of Birth: February 2014

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Large

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I've been very friendly with the dogs I have encountered so far!
Good with Cats? Unknown
I haven't had any exposure to cats.
Good with Kids? Yes
I would fare better with older children.

Critter Twitter:

Hi there! My name is Echo, and I'm looking for someone to love forever. I seem very mature when you first meet me, but once we start playing and having fun you'll see that I'm younger than I look!

Most of the time I am quiet and not very active in the house. Content to either chew on my bone/toy, sleep or lay and watch as you go about your business. (That is with my daily walk, can’t say how still and quiet I would be without it) Even when playing with the other dogs, I keep it pretty low key in the house, outside, now that’s a different story….

Hmmm, what are my interests? Well, people of course! I love to walk and run and play in the water. I love to play fetch. I enjoy laying on the couch beside you as you watch TV, particularly when you stroke my head and brush my fur. I like bringing toys to you to play with me, but I haven’t quite figured out that I am supposed to let you play too. I forget sometimes that you are not a dog and don’t want to chase me around for it. I'm not sure how I feel about cats yet...I've really only seen them in the movies. My dislike of car rides is a thing of the past. I may need to get used to your vehicle, but after that, I am good to go. Good to go where ever you want; the beach, hiking, camping, California, Hollywood….

About my Behaviour:

I'm still a bit anxious and I'll may jump up on you or bark at you because I'm so excited to meet you! I am pretty good on the leash now, but do need some work when passing other dogs on the walk, as I get very excited and then frustrated when I don’t get to say hi. I am also interested in small furry creatures, but they always run away from me and I never get to meet them. It’s times like these when I may pull a little too hard for my friend’s liking. I am good with most dogs, but can be a little possessive of my favourite treats and toys. I have learned some of my manners like sit, down and stay, as well as some tricks like shake a paw. I would still like some practice, because sometimes I forget that I know it already and look at you like you are teaching me something new. For the time being, I am best suited for a home with older children or children who know how to be around dogs. Quick movements make me a little nervous, as does children running. I feel like they need to be corralled and brought back to the fold where they are safe. I really just need a loving family who will help me regain my confidence and be the most wonderful dog I know I am!

How’s my Health?

So far, so good!

I'll be getting spayed, microchipped, and fully vaccinated shortly.

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