Gale Oz

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Gale Oz   |   Male   |   Dabond short hair (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

I came to Zoe's out from the cold to find my forever home. I was already 12 weeks old and I missed out on crucial socializing with people, so that is why I am so shy.

Date of Birth: December 2020

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee: $25

Good with Dogs? No
Never met one but I am not a huge fan of children so I don’t think a dog would be a good fit for me and my sister Lolly.
Good with Cats? Bonded Pair
I am great with my sister, we cuddle and play together the entire day I must be adopted with Lolly or I will never stop crying. We will most likely be good with other very cat friendly cats with slow proper introductions.
Good with Kids? Maybe
Most likely very gentle older kids. But not toddlers they move way to fast and make too many noises for us.

Critter Twitter:

My name is Gale but I don’t respond to it so you can call me whatever you choose. I’m really good at catching things you throw for me, and I LOVE to play. I love to jump up and hang out on your lap while you work! If you work from home I am your new best friend. I like my head pet my belly rubbed and I love to roll around. I love to cuddle with you or my sister and I will keep you company as long as you don’t stop petting me. You can cut my nails without too much of a hassle and I am very treat motivated so have treats at the ready. As soon as you pet my head I like to press on your hand with my head so you pet me harder. If you touch my butt I’ll flop over so you get the hint to touch my soft white belly. I also purr... because I’m obsessed with being pet. I come when you shake treats and I love the crunchy treats. I can be a bit nervous for the first few days in a new environment but I really like adults and I am pretty friendly with strangers. I am sure we will become great friends if you are an adult because I love anyone who is willing to pet me. #bondedforlife

About my Behaviour:

I must be adopted with Lolly (my sis) as I will constantly call for her if I think she is missing. We love to cuddle and play together. She is very good at keeping me clean calm and warm. If you transport her anywhere I want to go with her and preferably in the same travel case… so just buy one big travel carrier please. We will provide many cute photo opportunity’s for you as we snuggle constantly. We are great with other cat-friendly cats with slow proper intros and tons of resources (especially litter boxes).

I like to sniff and explore so if you can be patient with me we are going to have a ton of fun life together. A calm, home would be an awesome fit for me and my sister, we will bring the entertainment. A nice sized home with tall cat trees, Spring toys and lots of room for me and lolly to play would be so ideal. Please leave your shoes out at the front door as our favourite game is to bring the springs to your shoes and drop/lose them in them. The taller the better with windows to look out! I love it up high! I am very agile and get tons of zoomies with lolly.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted.
I can not be free-fed dry food as I will get obese (love food) and it will help us form a strong bond if I see the food comes from you, not a magic bowl. Given how much I love food I could be clicker trained and it might help boost my confidence as well as increase our bond. My sister and I have sensitive stomachs and currently eating vet gastro food that will need to continue.

I do prefer lots of bathroom options. But I mean who doesn't!

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