Howard Stern

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Howard Stern   |   Male   |   Husky X   |  

Rescue Story:

I came into care to find my furever family!

Date of Birth: August 2015

Energy Level: Medium-High

Size (adult): Large

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I'm very playful, so would do best with a dog who will tell me when they've had enough!
Good with Cats? No
I'm too interested in chasing cats to spend very much time around them. I always have to be on a leash around cats, so it's best that my forever home doesn't have any.
Good with Kids? Unknown
I haven't been around tiny humans, but I'm sure I would love them with proper introduction and gentle hands!

Critter Twitter:

Time to play ball! Then it is cuddle time #huskypup #it'salwaysballtime

About my Behaviour:

I am a big boy with a lot of love to give and growing everyday. When I first joined my foster family I was very timid and shy about exploring new things that come from living in a home; such as walking in and out of doorways as well as traveling up and down stairs. We are currently working on my leash walking skills and convincing me that going into a vehicle isn’t that bad because it can take you to fun places like the McDonalds drive through where you can bark at the lady working the window. A whole week in my foster home and I saved my first bark for the drive through, who knew! I am typically a very quiet pup and can even handle listening to children play on the other side of the fence when I’m out enjoying the backyard without a worry or a peep.

At my foster home I have a brother who is a 5 year old puggle and we have grown to an understanding that I love to play, play, play and that when he’s had enough he tells me and I let him have a break while I lie down on my humans feet. I love being close to the people and dogs in my house and tend to lean on them and sit on them when possible. I haven’t spent any time around tiny humans but I’m sure I’d like them with the right introduction and training to not knock them over with my thick clumsy body. At night I sleep soundly in my crate as long as I’m close to my family, I need to know they are around. When they leave for a few hours here and there I tend to whine a little but it doesn’t last long and I’m usually fast asleep when they come back to me. In the morning I love being let out first before I eat because I’ve worked hard on not peeing in the house. As long as you remind or suggest to me that it’s time to go I will not make a mess in the house.

My furever family will need to be patient and wiling to take me to puppy classes as I am shy and can scare easily. I will also require exercise and stimulation to support my large size and medium to high energy nature once full grown.

Currently I am proud to state that I come when called (once a bond has been created), responding to my name, sitting and lying down on command, and working on shaking a paw. I am eager to learn and with the right family will develop into an ideal pet and companion.

How’s my Health?

I'm a healthy, happy boy. I will be microchipped, neutered, and fully vaccinated before going to my furever home!

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