Jake (Courtesy Post)

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Jake (Courtesy Post)   |   Male   |   German Sherpherd   |  

Rescue Story:

My family is moving oversees and are not able to secure lodging that will allow me. So, are making the heartbreaking decision to rehome me and Zoe's is helping my family find a perfect home for me.

**As a courtesy post Zoe's has not met "Jake", we facilitate the adoption behind the scenes to ensure a safe rehoming. We make sure the animals are vetted but do not personally know the animal. It is the adopters responsibility to do their due diligence -ask for vet records, get the microchip changed, potentially involve a force free trainer for an assessment and/or ask for a trial period.**

Date of Birth: April 1, 2017

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Large

Adoption Fee: $425

Good with Dogs? Maybe
With proper introductions, I may be fine with an older female dog.
Good with Cats? Unknown
I like to chase rabbits, so I may like to chase cats as well.
Good with Kids? Yes
I will do best with older children who will respect my space.

Critter Twitter:

Hi, I am Jake! Like many German Shepherds, one of my favourite things in life is my Ball. I will play fetch all day if you would let me. I know, there must be limits, I can’t do it all day, one can only dream. I also like playing with soccer balls, though you may have to buy me a few of them as I have punctured a couple. My parents were both competitive in flyball, so maybe that might be something I would enjoy too. What else to I love… I love snow, water, (but of course not super keen on having a bath though 😊), being brushed and chasing rabbits. I am super intelligent, I can understand a lot of what you say even when it is spell it out by letter, so spelling out T.R.E.A.T or W.A.L.K won’t work for. 😊 Maybe we could learn some cool, fun tricks together. I know I would be a quick learner and it is great for working my brain. I am good at waiting till I am able to eat my food. I don’t beg for food but will loiter with the hope of something falling on the floor. I am very chill in the house and listen extremely well. Not so much outside, as there are so many distractions. If I sound like just the pup for you, please put in an application for me, I can hardly wait to me you!

About my Behaviour:

I am house trained and will go pee when asked to. I am crate trained, but I am fine to be left to roam the house when my family is out and at nighttime. I like to have choices of where I can sleep. I like my own space and guard my precious ball, so may do best as an only dog. All I want is my ball and my humans. I am not great meeting other dogs, l can wear a muzzle if needed, though not a huge fan of wearing them. I alert bark when I hear something unusual but other than that I don’t bark much. (Not the type of dog to bark while hanging out in the backyard.) I will bark/growl when I want to be left alone. So, I would do best with older children who will understand and listen when I want my space. I will bark at kids I don’t know, especially if there is a group of them. As well as bark at people coming into the house. It takes me awhile to settle down, as I get so excited. I am very strong and do pull on the leash, I have been working on it, so I have gotten better but still need some work. There are just so many good smells out there and I need to smell them all. Maybe we could do a class together to continue helping me become better with my leash skills, work on my recall and it is a great way to bond.

Please check out www.albertaforcefreealliance.com for some great force free trainers!

How’s my Health?

I am neutered, up to date on my vaccines and microchipped. I have Cytopoint injections once every 6 months to stop me from scratching, as I may have an allergy/sensitivity of some kind but have not able to pinpoint what it is. (Approx. $300 per shot, shots are typically twice a year with the change in seasons, for a total of $600 yearly. Last Cytopoint injection was at the beginning of March)

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