Kirby Marshall

Adoption Pending

More photos of me can be found here.

Kirby Marshall   |   Female   |   Crossbreed   |  

Rescue Story:

I came to Zoe's with my other siblings diagnosed with parvo, thankfully it was caught in time!

Date of Birth: May 2017

Energy Level: High - Puppy Energy

Size (adult): Medium - Large (We can never guarantee size for any of our puppies sorry)

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
With proper introductions and socialization. I'm great with the resident dogs.
Good with Cats? Yes
With proper introductions and training to make sure I don't chase.
Good with Kids? Yes
Especially with gentle kids and training as I'm still a puppy.

Critter Twitter:

I must say I am one unique looking fluffy pup. I am a bouncy and playful who pretty much loves everything and everyone. I am extremely smart so would be a great pup to teach tricks to. #stunningpup #playnlearn

About my Behaviour:

Like all puppies, I will need a lot of your time, socialization, and positive reinforcement training to become a well-balanced adult. I will need to be house and crate trained, learn not nip or jump up or all things I did with my littermates but can’t do to humans. Aw Shucks!
Puppy classes would be great for me!

How’s my Health?

I will be spayed, dewormed and vaccinated to date.

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