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Leelee   |   Female   |   Bull Terrier X   |  

Rescue Story:

The great people at Zoe's freed me from a hoarding situation and now I'm excited to find my new furever home.

Date of Birth: Approx 2013

Energy Level: Low to medium

Size (adult): Medium (34lbs)

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? No
Because I lived with too many other dogs competing for scarce food, I developed resource guarding behaviours to survive - so I would be happiest in a home where I am the only animal.
Good with Cats? No

Good with Kids? No

Critter Twitter:

I'm loving all this space and the fact that I don't need to compete for food anymore. I think it's pretty great being outside, seeing other humans, going for walks and smelling the fresh air. There used to be a lot of darkness in my life but now there is a lot of sunshine! #freshstart #walkingonsunshine

About my Behaviour:

I am eager to please and now that I have been introduced to humans who love me, I really enjoy loving them back! At home I like being close to and laying near my humans. A massage is always accepted, and second to that, I'll take a tasty bone to chew on. Good company and good food make for a great life! I also don't mind when nobody is home so I can take a quiet nap.

I will need to be the only pet and come with a private session with a Zoe's positive reinforcement trainer 🙂

I am still getting comfortable with the big world around me. When outside, I really like saying "hi" to other people and am curious about other dogs, but I can be anxious at first because I wasn't treated very nicely in the past. Unlike the unpredictability of where I was before, I'm happier when things around me are calm and relaxed. Hakuna Matata; it means no worries!

As I work towards a Hakuna Matata lifestyle, I can sometimes feel anxious and be over-excited when there is too much going on around me. I have medication for this, but I still need someone who can recognize my anxiety cues and help me calm down.

How’s my Health?

I am spayed, vaccinated, microchipped and dewormed.

I came to Zoe's with painful sores that are managed by Apoquel, an allergy medication and sensitive skin vet food, that costs approx $125 a month.

** Co Pilot Dog: special adoption fee $200 which includes my harness and one private training session. ***

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