Loonie Cash

Accepting Applications

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Loonie Cash   |   Female   |   Domestic cutie (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

I was one of 6 kittens living under a porch who needed help. Life isn't easy when your little but more so when your living on the streets. Zoe's took me and my "siblings" in to help us find forever homes. Though none of us may be related (I may be Toonie's sister) we all sought each other out for company and to survive.

Date of Birth: August 2023

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee: $200 for me and Nickel.

Good with Dogs? Yes
But only calm, cat friendly dogs who won't chase or try to play with me.
Good with Cats? Must have a cat friend
Especially cat friendly cats and proper introductions. I must be adopted with Nickel.
Good with Kids? Maybe
Older calm kids who would be very gentle with me and not hyper. If any. No sudden movements or loud noises please!

Critter Twitter:

I am a stunning girl with amazing markings and gorgeous eyes. I am very funny and playful; I like running around with a fluffy toy in my mouth and chasing it, and I’m a big fan of wand toys. I am still quite shy but once settled in I can be a cuddly and I enjoy being petted. I’m very happy to curl up next to you on the bed… especially if Nickel is there too! When you pet me, please go slow; fast movements frighten me. Toys and snacks are the key to my heart: I love to play with wand toys, which help boost my confidence, so be sure to play with me at least twice a day, and I’ll do just about anything for churu… or even your dinner, if it’s something interesting. #stunninglillady

About my Behaviour:

I need a calm, quiet home that will let me settle in and understand that it will be awhile before I am my true self. Think about if you were in my furry shoes… if your life had started out like mine, would you be instant besties with new people and confident in a new household? Probably not. Unless you are an extrovert… which I am not. When I’m first settling in, I might hiss when startled, but now that I’ve been in my foster home for a while, I don’t do that anymore. I am taking baby steps and reaching milestones in my foster home and becoming friendlier and friendlier every day. I even greet my foster parent at the door and ask for pets now. Maybe you don’t want a needy cat. Not everyone does! I can't wait to find my forever home.

I must be adopted with Nickel as she really helps with my shyness. When she was adopted, I started to hide more and more, even though I had been in my foster home for many months. Any loud sounds or sudden movements had me hiding for hours. When Nickel came back, she went to a different foster home and I moved in with her there. Though I am still skittish, I have made huge improvements… especially since being around Nickel. She makes me so courageous; if she is comfortable with something, I will usually try it too. Because of that we will need to stay together but our adoption fee will only be $200.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted. I should be fed at least one meal of wet food a day. Scheduled meals is a must to help me bond with you, and churu treat bribery goes a long way with me. I am not taking gabapentin in my foster home, but it may be a good idea to put me on it just for the first month when you adopt me to help me settle in more quickly. It is very cheap!

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