Morty Swift


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Morty Swift   |   Male   |   Scottish Fold mix   |  

Rescue Story:

I was surrendered at a vet clinic, well more my owner was going to euthanize me and the vet asked Zoe's to take me in instead. The vet staff said that I was so scared of the kitten that had been brought into his home all I did was hide. I also had a UTI due to stress. Now I am at Zoe's to find my true forever home.

Date of Birth: June 2018

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? No
No dogs of any age or size. No matter if cat friendly or if they would ignore me. I am afraid of all.
Good with Cats? No
No cats of any age/friendliness. I am afraid of all.
Good with Kids? No
No kids at all please. Too scary!

Critter Twitter:

My name is Morty Swift. I am a very shy boy and I am happiest doing my own thing really. I am not a lap cat nor do I like to be picked up, but I do enjoy being petted. It actually can help me calm down some. I am very handsome and just need someone to love me and understand my unique needs. I find some unique places to curl up and hide, if you could have lots of cat tunnels/hideaway beds/cat cubes in all areas of the home it will make me feel more secure and I get to be near you as much as possible. #shybutsweet

About my Behaviour:

I require a very calm, cat understanding home. One that is very quiet and doesn't have many guests over. Preferably smaller with only one or two people.

No dogs, cats, kids at all, please. I am a stressy cat who fears everything, so no matter how cat-friendly and awesome your pets/kids are, it's best I am a solo kid for life. Sorry.

I was shaved at the vet as I was extremely matted, as my fur grows back be to brush me every day to help prevent mats.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted. I did have some urinary issues in my past home (probably due to stress) so it's best if I am fed 3-4 times a day, mainly wet food (no fish) diet. I can be a bit picky so you might have to have a ton of different foods on hand. Preferably no carrageenan/xanthan gum as I do have a sensitive stomach. Feeding me more often will help my tummy not hurt because it's smaller meals and easier to digest. You can try a bit of Urinary stress dry food as a topper or only one meal, then the rest wet food.

I was declawed sadly, which is probably a triggering factor of my anxiety. Litter boxes with low entry uncovered and soft litter is what I will require. You should have 2-3 placed around the house. It's also important that I don't get outside to roam as I won't be able to climb or defend myself.

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