Lizzo Special

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Lizzo Special   |   Female   |   Domestic cutie (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

I am one of many momma cats who needed a safe place to raise my kittens. Now they are old enough to get jobs and lives of their own, phew thank God. Now it's all about me and the new adventure that awaits me.

Date of Birth: 2020

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee: $170

Good with Dogs? Yes
Dogs who are very calm and pretty much leave me be I am fine with. No dogs who will chase me please.
Good with Cats? Yes
I am great with cat friendly cats with slow introductions and I love kittens.
Good with Kids? Yes
Older calm kids who would be very gentle with me and not so hyper.

Critter Twitter:

I am one very sweet girl who loves to play, play, play and eat, eat, eat. I love to be chased and play chase! It would be great if you had another kitty who loved playing tag, and you could join in to! I am a very friendly girl, I even demand for the delivery man to say hi to me. I love people and I love company, but I am not a lap cat as of yet. Maybe in a few years I will be, or I may be one of those cat who is always around but not on your lap. I am one amazing girl who you can't help but fall in love with. #lovelovelove

About my Behaviour:

I am super smart and very food motivated. My foster mama says it makes me easy to train. I know I’m not allowed on counters (but cabinets are fair game), and I also know some cool commands: “down”, “up”, “sit”, and “stand”. We’re still working on “stay”. The best treats are hard kibble since I don’t get it as part of my regular diet.

I am great with cat friendly cats with slow proper introductions and I love kittens.

I do need a home where someone is home more often (not gone longer than 4 hours). I get quite lonely if you are gone long hours a day and I suffer from separation anxiety.

You can also take me on short adventures outside - but only if I’m on a harness and leash. I can be a door bolter so please be mindful of this. Access to a catio where I can go in and out freely would be great.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted, spayed and vaccinated. I do have a very sensitive stomach and I may need slow transitions to any new food. I also have separation anxiety if you are gone long hours which can lead to UTIs from stress.

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