Cher Moonstruck

Accepting Applications

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Cher Moonstruck   |   Female   |   Street panther (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

My owner let me roam and didn't care about the litter after litter that I had. Zoe's asked to take me and my kittens in so my kittens would not only survive but so that I would have no more litters.

Date of Birth: August 2022

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee: $170

Good with Dogs? Very specific dog(s) only
Only very calm dogs who would mostly leave me alone.
Good with Cats? Very specific cat(s) only
Very cat friendly cats with slow proper introductions or I would be just fine as an only cat.
Good with Kids? Unknown
Older cat savvy kids if any please.

Critter Twitter:

I am one stunning house panther who, like my namesake, loves to sing. I have some pretty cool song that I made up, songs about the street life, about teen motherhood and about the life of being a black cat. Black cats unfortunately are often looked over for other colors so as a fellow house panther I must sing to represent! Now see I am not a lap cat but I do come for pets, on my terms, of course. I also love watching cat tv while you are away at work. I will be sure to let you know what you missed. #singermomma #justacitygal

About my Behaviour:

I am quite shy and I need a very calm, quiet home that is understanding that it will take me time to settle in. I do not like to be held at all nor carrier. I prefer my paws on the ground!

I am currently an only pet in my foster home and I am doing just fine. My temp foster home had other kitties and a mom dog with pups that I was ok with. I could be just fine with cat friendly calm pets. Though a kitty playmate sounds like fun.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted. I am dry food addict but wet food is a must for hydration, at least once a day.

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