Neko Spot – Caretaker Cat

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Neko Spot – Caretaker Cat   |   Female   |   Domestic Street Kitty (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

I was once feral stray who was a member of a large cat colony surviving on Edmonton's streets for many years. A wonderful group of volunteers had been monitoring my cat clan and I as we kept getting displaced due to City development of the downtown "Quarters". I was found seeking shelter under artistic sculptures, in a large abandoned building by the Edmonton Remand Centre, and for a time I even took refuge in the Winspear Centre machine room to the surprise of the maintenance staff. I was temporarily captured back in 2017 to offer me safe shelter to deliver my babies and to be fixed. I went back as I was too feral and people offered to provide me food but the building was being torn down and it seemed due to being cared for my shyness was greatly reduced. My time of scavenging, child-rearing and hiding in cultural facilities is over. After 5 months of gentle socializing and lots of patient love with my foster parents, I am now thriving as an indoor kitty and am ready for my forever and final home!

Date of Birth: 2012 (est)

Energy Level: Low

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee: $25

Good with Dogs? No

Good with Cats? Very specific cat(s) only

Good with Kids? No

Critter Twitter:

I am one stunning girl who is very shy. I like to do my own thing, including when I decide it's pet or cuddles time. I love to give head butts and once settled in I will often sleep on the bed. And happily snore alongside you. I am pretty much the perfect cat for someone who just wants a companion kitty who isn't needy and is a true rescue. I may seem broken to others but I really am not. I am just independent. I lived most of my life out on the streets but I am very grateful for a warm home, good food and people who understand cats like me. I give unconditional love, just in my own way and at my own pace. #companioncat

About my Behaviour:

I am very shy and I require a calm home that is understanding that it will take many months for me to settle in. Many cat caves and cat tunnels would help me to settle in. A catio with free access from inside the house would be great to help further expand my territory and give me safe outside time. I do not like to be picked up at all.

I might get along with a very friendly senior male cat with super slow proper introductions though I haven't been around any in my foster home. Otherwise, I must be the only cat. No dogs or kids, please.

How’s my Health?

I am fully vetted. I do get gabapentin daily to help with my anxiety, this is something that must continue even once settled in. It's not expensive at all but really helps me feel much safer. I should not be free-fed as I will get fat. Scheduled wet food meals twice a day and leaving out a tiny bit of dry would be just fine though.

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