Pumpkin (Courtesy Post)


Pumpkin (Courtesy Post)   |   Female   |   Domestic Short Hair   |  

Rescue Story:

I've lived in my current home for approximately 6 years. My current hooman wants what's best for me and knows that the other animals and children in the home stress me out significantly. My family has tried medicating me with anti-anxiety meds but I HATE this and hide for days once I realize I will be getting them. The stress of the situation also causes a flare-up of a viral infection I've had since before being taken in by my current family. The other animals in the house stress me out and when they bother me I take it out by peeing on the floor. This isn't great for anyone. My biggest wish is to find a home where there are no other animals and no children. I would like nothing more than spending the day sitting on someone's lap and getting pets - hoomans are my favourite! I love to snuggle at night with my favourite hooman and if you let me, I'll be your little spoon and keep you warm and happy with my purrs. The few times I've lived without any other animals or pets (when the other pets in the family moved earlier to our new home than I did), I've been a perfect kitty - I didn't pee or have hide or have viral flare-ups. But as soon as the other creatures show up I get very stressed.

My current family just wants me to be happy so they are willing to cover the cost of food and basic vet care for whoever fits my needs and can take me in. The details will be worked out between my new and old family.

Date of Birth: January 2008

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Small

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? No

Good with Cats? No

Good with Kids? No
I won't hurt them but they stress me out

Critter Twitter:

I LOVE adult humans. I'm a bit shy at first but once we're friends I want to be with you always. I crave human interaction and will search you out regularly so we can spend time together. Keep in mind I have anxiety so loud noises and new things like animals and kids stress me out. I can handle their presence for brief occasions but really want a home where you and I can be best friends, without any loud kids or energetic dogs and cats bouncing around. #loveme #adoptdontshop

About my Behaviour:

I am super affectionate and love adults. Kids, dogs, and other cats stress me out and I will hide. I have anxiety and kids, dogs, and cats bring it out in me and when overly anxious I will pee in inappropriate places. My ideal is to be living with a quiet single person or couple who want to be my best friend. If you have a fenced yard, I will be happy to go outside in the yard and sunbathe in the summer. I don't try to escape and I usually don't like to be in the yard too long. You will know I want something (like to come back inside) because I will sit and stare at the thing I want (the door to be opened, treats to be given, etc.). The majority of my day is spent sleeping in warm spots like a sunbeam or a heating vent with regular breaks to get some love from my favourite hooman. I'm a picky eater so my current hooman will send me with the food I need. Also, because I'm a picky eater hiding medication in my food doesn't work. I also have a playful side and love attacking the sheets when you are making the bed.

How’s my Health?

I am spayed, vaccinated, and dewormed. I am on no regular medication - and also hate being pilled. I am feline herpes positive. Feline herpes isn't transmissible to humans and isn't debilitating to me but when I'm stressed I get a bit sneezy and have runny eyes.

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