Quill Binx


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Quill Binx   |   Female   |   Guardian panther (DSH)   |  

Rescue Story:

One of many kittens born on farms who needed a forever home.

Date of Birth: September 2022

Energy Level: High

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee: $225 for me or $350 if you adopt me with Thackery

Good with Dogs? Yes
Only cat friendly dogs who won't chase me, with proper introductions of course.
Good with Cats? Must have a cat friend
Especially cat friendly cats and proper introductions. I do need a very playful youngish cat friend or to be adopted with Thackery.
Good with Kids? Yes
Especially if they are gentle with me.

Critter Twitter:

I am Quill, the explorer. Maybe I am the Guardian of the Galaxy as I am fearless, even the beast named Vacuum doesn't scare me. I am a sweetheart who loves being petted and cuddled with. Of course, only after I saved the galaxy from the ferocious fluffy beasts, feathered creatures, and spring stuff, as well as getting some practice fights in with my brother. One needs to be ready to save the galaxy at a moment's notice! I can't wait to meet you. I have the loudest purr with the biggest heart. #housenpanthersrock

About my Behaviour:

I would love to be adopted with Thackery if possible. If not, you would need another young cat for me to play with.

How’s my Health?

I am vetted. The number of vaccines depends on the length in care, (at least 2). I can be picky with wet food but it is important that I get at least one meal of wet food a day. I do need tall-sided litter boxes as I do like to pee standing up.

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