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Reepacheep   |   Male   |   Chinchilla   |  

Rescue Story:

I was surrendered to Zoe's due to the stress of my owner's busy household. It is always best to keep small animals like me separate from the hussle of the home, so a separate room, or less active area of the home is ideal. This is especially true because while my humans are up and about, I will likely be sleeping.

Date of Birth: 2011

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Small

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Yes
I am interested in cats and dogs, but of course, only through a cage.
Good with Cats? Yes
I am interested in cats and dogs, but of course, only through a cage.
Good with Kids? Unknown
I need to be kept in my own room.

Critter Twitter:

Hello! They call me Reepacheep! I love attention and often come over to whatever corner of the cage is closest to the person or animal approaching my habitat. I can be quite cat-like in my reaction to petting; once you find my sweet spot, my head tilts, my arm goes back, and you can find a real smile on my face! Much like any small animal, it takes time for me to build a bond where I will trust you to handle me. My foster family is working on building trust with me and are seeing a lot of progress. I am no longer scared of humans, and I am content running around and through my human's legs - I like to roam freely at play time which is right before my human's bed time. Free roaming is great exercise for me and I love it! I should be closely supervised as it takes no time for me to start chewing on floor boards or bookshelves! I'm a sweet, funny little guy, and I love my humans so much that I get a bit agitated when they look like they're leaving me alone. I'll love you lots if you apply to adopt me today! #sweetsoftness#lookatthoseears

About my Behaviour:

Chinchillas are nocturnal, which means that I sleep during the day and am active at night. My enclosure should have exercise items, like a wheel and toys that will keep me occupied. Most people add bedding to Chinchilla enclosures for comfort, but it is not needed. I like a cooler environment and prefer caves and rocks to bedding. I like to hide, so caves at different levels are a must for me. It is also a good idea to place my enclosure in a quiet and low-traffic area of the house so my nocturnal activity doesn't wake you and your diurnal activity doesn't wake me. I am low-maintenance and fairly quiet, but I do chirp when I am feeling uncomfortable.

How’s my Health?

I have not been neutered; aged Chinchillas prefer to live alone so neutering isn't necessary. Chinchillas don't need vaccinations either!

My adoption fee is $75.

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