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Rumble   |   Female   |   Domestic Short Hair   |  

Rescue Story:

I was surrendered to Zoe's because I do not get along with kids.

Date of Birth: 2009

Energy Level: Medium

Size (adult): Medium

Adoption Fee:

Good with Dogs? Unknown

Good with Cats? Yes
I used to live with another cat, so I should be fine with one, as long as they're laid back like me.
Good with Kids? No
I used to live with toddlers, and they really stressed me out. I need my space!

Critter Twitter:

September Cat-extravaganza: My adoption fee is $100 all September long or $150 for another kitty who is 4 months or older.

Dear Diary. I must confess not having to deal with toddlers who don't understand I don't like clingy beings is a relief. These humans understand me, they know where I enjoy to be petted and when. I get a bit claustrophobic when someone is too clingy with the squishing and holding up high. No thank you. However, I will happily go to people I trust and sit on their laps. I also enjoy giving my foster mom the morning news report, letting her know all the stuff she missed last night while she slept. I love to talk to my humans, and when I want to play I'll bring you my toys. My humans understand me, they know if they let me come to them then I will be very affectionate. I follow my foster dad around the house ALL DAY! They also understand my mood swings by reading my body language, something kids might just not get. I prefer to spend my day just cat napping unless of course they bring out this amazing thing called catnip. I love that stuff!! It makes me feel young again. Oh, and I'm the kind of girl who doesn't need expensive toys, my favourite is a shoe string or a hair tie. I just know someone out there is just looking for a companion, someone to keep them company but not too needy or clingy. Oh gotta go diary, the humans are home. I must greet them and see if they brought me back anything.

About my Behaviour:

I was aptly named after my low, rumbling purr, which can be heard whenever I'm relaxed. I don't like strange noises, so I'd prefer a quiet retirement home, thanks. I like to sit with my person on the couch, rather than be picked up, or sit on your lap. Head and neck massages are appreciated.

How’s my Health?

I am spayed and vaccinated.

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