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Scrabble   |   Female   |   Mixed Breed (Border Collie X Aussie)   |  

Rescue Story:

I'm teaming up with Zoe's to find a home that will help me thrive and live my best life!

Date of Birth: Approx November 2021

Energy Level: Extremely High - Scrabble must have daily physical and mental challenges. Several walks a day are insufficient and will likely just frustrate her. She needs someone who will step up and work on competitive sports and have focused training goals for her.

Size (adult): Currently about 30lbs

Adoption Fee: $425

Good with Dogs? Yes
I LOVE other dogs and would do great in a multi dog home
Good with Cats? Yes
I'm curious but respectful of cats, may chase if they run though
Good with Kids? Yes
I adore kids and would be happy living with 20+ of them!

Critter Twitter:

I am working dog energy with the unfettered social enthusiasm of a doodle. I LOVE working, and lure coursing is very near the TOP of the list for things I want to spend my time doing! I thrive on physical and mental challenges and love learning new tasks and skills. I've been working on age-appropriate sport dog foundations for flyball, disc, scent detection, and agility. I can be pushy, high drive, and a TON of fun. If you enjoy being challenged by a dog that thinks that they’re smarter than you (and might actually be), then I'm your girl! I'm a clever problem solver, which will always be a double edged sword. I'm honest, and will always give you exactly what you’re asking for even if you think you’re asking for something else. I am everyone’s best friend, even if they don’t know it yet. I'm an environmentally and socially confident dog and love to explore new places and things.

 My ideal home is an individual or family that is familiar with dog sports and is willing to take her to a competitive level of training.

About my Behaviour:

I have some mild leash frustration around other dogs, but am easy to redirect and focus well when asked. I'm also a JUMPER. Gentlemen, watch your jewels. I'm working on it, but it's a process! Because of my high energy and drive we will need to take some training classes together to ensure we get off on the right foot. Continued training and dog sports will ensure I am a happy and satisfied pup.

How’s my Health?

Scrabble has had an Ovary Sparing Spay, which means that she still has hormones to grow and cycle as though she is intact, allowing better bone density and joint development. This is to accommodate her potentially finding a working or sport home, and she will have to have ovary’s removed once she reaches physical maturity. She has been microchipped, dewormed and is up to date on her vaccinations.

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